VMware cloud
for Concordia Ubezpieczenia

Concordia Ubezpieczenia is a leading provider of agricultural insurance. During the economic crisis, the company had to find a way to overcome market downturn. The company reacted to this situation with an effort to increase sales using mobile tools for sales advisors.

  • reduction of financial risk associated with the new solution,
  • saving time and implementing the solution before competition does,
  • reaching market first,
  • reduced knowledge and resources needed for the project.
  • analysis of available hardware solutions from collocation to cloud computing,
  • selecting private VMware cloud,
  • engaging Beyond.pl administrators in the application design team,
  • verification of application requirements against computing power of the infrastructure,
  • weryfikacja wymagań aplikacji wobec mocy obliczeniowej infrastruktury,
  • simultaneous application development and work of the IT Beyond.pl/Concordia back office,
  • continuous scalability and adjusting the infrastructure to current sales system usage by Concordia Ubezpieczenia sales department.
  • financial savings
    40% lower projects costs compared to hardware purchase model,
  • timesaving
    project implementation period reduced by one-third,
  • highest security level
    security and availability standards required by financial and insurance sector companies.

From company's perspective

Marcin Kmetko

IT Director at Concordia

“We realised that our small server room and IT team are not going to meet high standards of the new application. After conducting market research, Concordia decided to work with a reliable Beyond.pl data enter by choosing its private cloud service. It let us ensure security and availability standards required by financial and insurance sector companies right from the start.”