VMware cloud
for VOX

Meble Vox, part of VOX Group, is a leading Polish furniture manufacturer, known for original design and functionality adapted to ever changing lifestyle, whose new strategy marked their ambition to become the most innovative Polish company in furniture business sector.

VOX Meble faced the following challenge: “We have many sources of income and expenses, and in order to develop an effective strategy within the Group, we need each entity level control.” As a result, the company decided to implement SAP system, which required expanding IT infrastructure.

  • How to implement the controlling system effectively?
  • How to provide support for the modular SAP solution, which is going to change in the future?
  • How to reduce business cost of implementing the controlling system?
  • legal and system compliance analysis for private cloud SAP implementation,
  • preparing test environments for Meble VOX and spare environment for the SAP system,
  • launching first 3 SAP modules in the dedicated private cloud,
  • flexibility in meeting demands for computing power following the implementation of consecutive SAP models for Meble VOX.
  • financial savings
    50% lower project costs compared to hardware purchase model,
  • innovation
    First implementation of SAP in cloud computing in Poland,
  • timesaving
    implementation executed in less than 30 days compared to initial plan,
  • experts support
    full Beyond.pl team support and application of gained knowledge during the next IT project.

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From company's perspective

Marcin Baranski

CEO at Meble VOX & Składy VOX:

“SAP maintenance by ourselves is not cost-effective. Firstly, we’d have to invest in a very expensive equipment and continuous updates. Secondly, it would be difficult for us to reach the security level offered by Beyond.pl.”