VMware cloud
for Yanosik.pl

Yanosik.pl is one of the most popular drivers’ app in Poland owned by Neptis SA. It helps users learn not only about the shortest route to arrive at a destination, but also about accidents or traffic jams.

Vast amounts of data that needs to be processed and the growing user base were the reasons why the company decided to start cooperation with Beyond.pl.

  • ensure stability of app operation at traffic peaks, readiness for sudden increase of users,
  • guarantee of reliable data protection – app popularity makes it more vulnerable to many cyber attacks,
  • flexible IT environment expansion while the app is developed.
  • private cloud based on the VMware technology and Intel Xeon E5 processors,
  • complementary support solutions: telecommunications connection, VPN and Veeam Cloud Connect based data backup,
  • support of a professional team of IT administrators as well as around the clock Service Desk support.
  • optimized resource configuration
    the app works properly despite high, uneven user traffic,
  • security and business continuity
    IT infrastructure is protected in a building with redundant power supply system and strict security rules,
  • flexibility
    quick response times to user behaviour. The company can increase computing power rapidly without additional paperwork or having to purchase extra hardware.

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Yanosik.pl perspective

Adam Tychmanowicz

CEO Neptis SA

„Yanosik has one and a half million customers a month in Poland, our app is on 6 million mobile phones. At peak times, we’ve got 150k users daily, who covered over 5 billion kilometers in 2016. The challenge for Beyond.pl is to process a lot of data to help drivers choose the best route online .”