Bonprix: Over 2 million images on e24cloud

Bonprix is one of the major European e-commerce fashion brands. It owns online stores in 29 countries and offers over 30,000 products. Media4U is responsible for operating 7 bonprix online stores.

The company was looking for a scalable and secure solution to store over 2 million images.

  • Creating secure IT infrastructure for image file storage
  • Readiness for sudden user influx during busy sales periods
  • SEO image optimization
  • Flexible IT environment expansion along with the development of e-commerce
  • Dedicated environment based on the e24cloud public cloud and e24fies object storage
  • Redundant infrastructure – in case one or more virtual machines go down, others take over their IPs, ensuring smooth flow of data
    • Financial savings

    The use of ready, compatible with other tools services simultaneously for several online stores.

    • Increase accessibility

    Scalable service and always available with maximum cost reduction, the customer pays only for the resources actually used.

    • Flexibility

    Computing power adapted to current needs, including readiness to dynamically increase website traffic.

    • Elimination of failure

    Reduction in the number of needed physical servers and reduction of possible hardware failures.

Obejrzyj case study

“Thanks to e24cloud, we could not only adjust the computing power we needed in running our day-to-day business, but make sure we are prepared for unexpected website traffic increase. We’ve also managed to optimise costs by sharing the same infrastructure between the customer’s several stores.”

Tomasz Knaur,
Application Development Manager, Media4U

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Products and solutions used

Zielone Data Center dla optymalnego PUE

Uruchom dowolną liczbę serwerów wirtualnych w ciągu kilka sekund.