The SaaS industry chooses infrastructure maintenance at’s data centers


The decision to move more of our resources to was driven by many years of satisfactory cooperation with them.’s technical teams are expertly qualified and provide us with domain-specific support whenever the need arises. The quality of services provided, which has not always met our requirements in the West, was another very important factor. Moreover,’s customer service stands out in terms of its high quality and proactive approach, as compared to services provided in other Western countries. Data Center 2 is also the only server room in this part of Europe to guarantee continuity of services at the highest level, which is crucial in our industry. Using private cloud services at such a facility is an added value.

Monika Tomaszek
Infrastructure Manager ANIXE


ANIXE is an international IT company headquartered in Poland, specializing in the provision of technologically advanced SaaS products and services for the travel industry. ANIXE owes its reputation to the high quality of its systems for booking airline connections, hotels, and cars, as well as systems for managing processes at destination management companies (DMCs).

ANIXE’s clients are large and medium-sized companies from over 30 countries (mainly from Western Europe) with both regional and global reach, such as the travel agencies Karavel and DTA and the airlines’ Gulf Air and TAP Portugal. ANIXE, with its extensive experience in high-performance application development, data aggregation and standardization, systems integration, and a holistic approach to processes and user experience, is helping a growing number of companies outside the travel industry (mainly operating in the e-commerce, FinTech, and service industries) to develop their digital businesses as well.


One of selected Anixe applications


ANIXE is the largest provider of hotel cache data, serving more than one million hotels worldwide. The company’s systems process tens of thousands of queries per minute or more, with a total annual transaction volume reaching several billion EUR. ANIXE’s systems are used in their clients’ critical business areas, which is why performance, reliability and security are so important. The company employs over 200 people.

In 2009, ANIXE launched a search for a new data center to support another SaaS project. Since the beginning of its activity, the company has maintained its production resources at external data centers (IT outsourcing), thus eliminating unnecessary investments in its own server rooms. The company decided to start cooperation with due to the high quality of technical services we provide, as confirmed by client recommendations, and considering our diverse portfolio of infrastructure and support solutions. The cooperation began with colocation at’s Data Center 1 in Poznań.


As a provider of SaaS solutions, we look for server rooms that ensure reliability, high infrastructure security of the facility, and highly competent technical support. The decision to cooperate with was made based on the references we received, but also on their IT competence, which was confirmed during the finalization of contract terms and conditions – says Monika Tomaszek, Infrastructure Manager in ANIXE.


The cooperation, which was initiated in 2009, developed significantly in the subsequent years. In 2015, ANIXE expanded the portfolio of services at to include another service – dedicated infrastructure.

Secure scaling of SaaS services

Customers buy airline tickets and book hotels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so ANIXE services need to be available 24/7 without interruption. Being a seasonal industry, tourism also means variable demand for infrastructure resources throughout the year. As a SaaS solution provider, ANIXE is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the availability of its solutions in accordance with the terms of SLAs with its clients. The IT infrastructure the company uses must provide not only reliable access to data but also the possibility of quick scaling to current needs.

In 2016, due to business growth and the introduction of more modern SaaS solutions to the company’s offerings, a need arose on the part of ANIXE to significantly increase its computing power. The company took advice from’s experts who, after a thorough analysis of ANIXE’s needs, suggested launching VMware private cloud services. Combining the existing colocation services with the VMware cloud maintained in Data Center 1 was recommended. The accuracy of the hybrid model proposed by was confirmed in the subsequent years during the further expansion of the private cloud in 2016–2018.



In August 2019, one of ANIXE’s key German clients needed to scale the resources more efficiently for the Resfinity application, a high-tech platform for online sales and the distribution of travel products. ANIXE decided to migrate its client’s entire WebAPI from the Google Cloud platform located in a data center in Frankfurt to the cloud in’s Data Center 2, which was launched in Poznań in 2016. The reasons behind that decision were primarily the high-security standard of the facility and the guarantee of service availability. Data Center 2 is the first facility of its kind in the European Union – and currently the only one in Central Europe – to have received the ANSI/TIA-942 certification at the Rated 4 level. This certification ensures the availability of data center services at the level of 99.995%, which is so important for SaaS service providers – this means that there can potentially be 26 minutes of service unavailability per year, although since 2016 our company has taken pride in the 100% uptime of the facility.

A hybrid model – the cloud and colocation in two independent locations

The project of moving the client’s WebAPI solution from Google Cloud to the VMware cloud in Data Center 2 in Poznań was implemented by’s technical team in 2019. VMware specialists handled all technical aspects of the migration, including the commissioning of network devices.



The entire migration went very smoothly and quickly. It took about 1 month from the time we received the quote to the production launch, and it took 3 days to prepare and configure the entire environment. Our infrastructure and support team held the technical and design competence of’s specialists in high regard. Moreover, having such comprehensive competence in IT infrastructure maintenance, they are able to provide us with the service we need. Our needs keep changing, and invariably remains our partner – says ANIXE representatives.

Both’s data centers used by ANIXE are very well connected to one another. A private optical fiber ring network in Poznań provides a minimum data transfer time of the order of milliseconds. On the other hand,’s window to Western Europe is the East-West Corridor provides 11-millisecond round-trip data transfer times between Poznań and Frankfurt am Main. ANIXE’s clients in Germany do not feel in any way that they are actually using two data centers located in Poland.’s telecommunications neutrality provides their clients with a choice of multiple Tier 1 providers, which ensures global connectivity services and optimizes the company’s costs. also provides IT administration support services delivered by the Smart Hands teams. At the beginning of the cooperation, Smart Hands experts were responsible for the installation of physical edge devices and firewalls in Data Center 1, and then, after the extension of services to the cloud in Data Center 2, they supported ANIXE engineers in launching software solutions. as a proven partner for SaaS

When cooperating with data center operators in the past, ANIXE almost exclusively used colocation services. However, due to changing needs, it is now the hybrid model provided by that has proven to be the new optimal solution. Since 2016, ANIXE has been using’s colocation service in Data Center 1 and the VMware private cloud in Data Center 2. By offering cross-technology and comprehensive data center services, has the competence and knowledge necessary to serve demanding clients from the SaaS sector.


Since the start of our cooperation, delivers services at a high level. We appreciate the quality of infrastructure in both DC’s as well as the high professional and technical competence of the company’s specialists, including the Smart Hands team – says Monika Tomaszek, Infrastructure Engineer, ANIXE. – Moreover, colocation at a 100% green DC allows our company to support the pro-environmental efforts of the travel industry in reducing carbon footprint.


The guarantee of service continuity resulting from the ANSI/TIA-942 certification at the Rated 4 level for Data Center 2, combined with the cross-technology competence of the IT teams, is what makes a specialized infrastructure partner for the SaaS industry.

We are not a partner who provides only one solution or one technology. Thanks to our comprehensive competence, we adjust our services to our clients’ needs and we are open to their revision, taking into account the changeability over time. It comes as no surprise that after several years of cooperation our clients change their infrastructure policy or start looking for new solutions. “Acting on a one-stop-shop basis, we are able to support our clients in any project in the area of infrastructure maintenance,”  – underlines Wojciech Stramski, CEO


Security and operational continuity:

  • the highest security standard of the facility and of service availability – the only data center in Poland and Central Europe with a Rated 4 ANSI/TIA-942 certification;
  • extensive connectivity services – low data transfer time between Poland and Western Europe, and telecommunications neutrality (the possibility of connecting any operator’s line according to preferences);
  • contractual SLA of up to 99.9999%.


Data Center 2


High quality and comprehensiveness of services provided by

  • secure execution of a project of system migration to a new data center within a short timeframe;
  • infrastructure that meets the requirements of high-density solutions;
  • competent and proactive Smart Hands technical teams;
  • the optimal value for money due to lower energy prices in Poland;
  • cross-technological cloud competence (global, private, and hybrid);
  • pl as a one-stop-shop provides an individually tailored infrastructure maintenance model.


 Services provided by to ANIXE:

  • colocation
  • onboarding of IT infrastructure to’s Data Center 2
  • IT administration – support by the Smart Hands team
  • dedicated infrastructure (IaaS)
  • VMware private cloud