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The countries of Central Eastern Europe (CEE) are uniquely positioned to capture the next digital opportunity. The so called “digital challengers” such as Poland have seen their digital economy grow by 6.2% year on year, which is almost twice that of the big five European countries, according to McKinsey. has a multi-tier Data Center and an Infrastructure as a Service platform that can help capture your part of that explosion. We understand that one of your biggest costs is related to the data processing services and support, and believe that we can help you scale and build your competitive advantage in four ways.

Providing competitive advantage in four ways!

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The highest security standard and business continuity.

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VMware Cloud

Security and scalability for your business. Take advantage of full access to complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies.

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Dedicated Infrastructure

IT infrastructure tailored to your business needs. Leverage the knowledge and experience of our experts.

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Veeam Backup

Continuous protection of your data. Fast and reliable cloud-based backup solution.

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Rated 4 wg ANSI/TIA-942

Guarantee of stability and business continuity. The highest level of security in all four areas: architecture, mechanics, power supply, and telecommunications.

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ISO 27001

Guarantee of secure data processing. Information security management system with the highest level of objectivity and credibility.

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Guarantee of card holder data protection. A global standard established by financial organizations.

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The highest degree of compliance of internal security and availability processes with IT service providers.

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VMware Cloud Verified

Guarantee of service based on complete VMware Cloud technology and access to the full suite of integrated VMware Cloud infrastructure capabilities.

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Microsoft Gold Partner

We guarantee access to Microsoft’s public cloud, as well as licensing and hosting solutions with managed service support and the highest level of security.

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