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The number of DDoS attacks rises year after year. Protect your company against distributed denial of service threats.

Experts agree that as cybercriminals are increasingly active, sooner or later every company will experience this kind of attack. Protection against DDoS attacks is becoming critical both to online businesses (financial companies, e-commerce, SaaS) and to brick-and-mortar firms that cannot afford to have their online presence disrupted.

How does a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack work?

A DDoS attack happens when a server is flooded with a large number of queries that cause it to be blocked, interrupting the connection. An attack is performed by a network of infected computers called a botnet. This type of attack is impossible to detect among normal traffic from other computers using traditional protection systems.

A DDoS attack is neither difficult nor expensive. It turns out that an hour-long DDoS attack costs around 25 USD. But a website or system access downtime may cause enormous financial losses for your company.

Why does my company need DDoS protection?

According to the latest data from NETSCOUT, DDoS attack frequency increased by as much as 25% between March and June 2020. In May 2020, there were more than 929,000 DDoS attacks, the most identified during a single month. In Poland, there are more than a dozen thousand DDoS attacks every month, which means that they represent a real threat also to Polish companies. delivers protection against DDoS attacks using exclusively well-proven technologies. Our DDoS protection service is based on Magic Transit from Cloudflare, the undisputed global leader in this area.

How does the Cloudflare Magic Transit DDoS protection work?

DDoS protection is provided by monitoring and verifying Internet traffic coming to a website, an e-commerce store or an online application, and eliminating any undesirable parts of this traffic that could cause the website or service to go down.

When Magic Transit from Cloudflare is on, all traffic coming to a protected network goes through so-called Scrubbing Centers, where it is continuously monitored to filter out threats. The service is provided 24/7/365 thanks to CloudFlare’s global infrastructure based on 23 data centers located all over the world. The Cloudflare solution is designed to protect customer networks even against multi-terabyte DDoS attacks.

Technical features of the Magic Transit DDoS protection solution:

  • ultra-low attack recognition time – threats are detected in less than a second,
  • most of malicious traffic is blocked in less than 3 seconds,
  • support for all IP traffic-based protocols.


The DDoS protection services from

Continuous monitoring of all incoming traffic to filter out threats.

Traffic filtering at Layer 3 of the OSI model.

Configuration and support for the Cloudflare DDoS protection solution.

Management, monitoring, and reporting of DDoS incidents.

Advantages of the DDoS protection solution from Cloudflare


Effective protection

According to Gartner 2020 DDoS Report, Cloudflare is a global leader in the segment of DDoS protection solutions. The company’s trusted technology ensures the effective protection of your online business.


End-to-end IT service

You do not need to engage your company’s IT resources to activate DDoS protection. delivers an end-to-end service – a well-proven, world-class technology configured and administered by highly qualified IT engineers.


Availability guarantee for your online business

Application downtime can hurt your image and cause financial losses. Act like a professional and protect your online solutions against downtime thanks to Magic Transit from Cloudflare at, which offers 24/7/365 protection.


Invisible to end customers

The service has no impact on the end-user experience. Fast traffic transfer and effective verification of undesirable traffic ensure that your customers can always contact your online business.


Reliable infrastructure

Magic Transit from Cloudflare is based on the company’s own global infrastructure of 23 data centers spread all over the world, providing the foundation for efficient operation of Scrubbing Centers.

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