Virtual Disaster Recovery Center

Highly robust and flexible cloud environment for rapid recovery of your IT infrastructure.

What is Virtual Disaster Recovery Center?

Virtual Disaster Recovery is a reliable cloud-based disaster recovery solution. This service provides continuous replication of critical applications, infrastructure, data and systems for rapid recovery after your IT infrastructure outage.

A user friendly admin panel enables an automatic start of the recovery process and allows you to manage the time of switching to the recovery environment.

vDisaster Recovery Center parameters

Virtual Disaster Recovery Center covers the security of entire systems, including data and computing resources.

Management panel is simple and easy to use, it contributes to low RTO and enables quick start of the recovery process. Tested automated systems switch the production infrastructure to the emergency environment page within seconds.

You can verify replication process and emergency plan operation through test launch. When you select additional management option, our qualified team of engineers will ensure the management of emergency plan for your infrastructure.


Service object

  • Comprehensive service of building Client Disaster Recovery Center based on the virtual environment; includes project support
  • Disaster Recovery dedicated virtual computing environment, ready and configured; minimum resources
  • In case of failover, Client extend environment resources themselves and moves the environment to vDRC according to a defined procedure
  • Option to use the contracted computing power to its full extent for 1 week annually
  • You can move the service to the computing power model at any time


Service includes

  • Project support building your Disaster Recovery Cloud
  • vDRC computing power with the right to use it for 7 days per year as part of the payment plan
  • Testing option to assure correct functionality one in six months


Continuous replication to the cloud and the automated recovery processes makes it possible to reduce server recovery time and improve recovery reliability. This guarantees business continuity of your services in the event of every infrastructure failure.

Recovery environment in the cloud eliminates costs of duplicate compute and storage infrastructure. This way you only pay for your fully provisioned recovery environment during an actual disaster, which significantly reduces your TCO.

You decide what, how often and in which way you want to replicate your data. Full resources of your recovery environment are used only during an actual disaster – the remaining time they are on standby.

Our service can be fully automated, and it doesn’t require your involvement once it’s launched. If necessary, you are provided with the support of Service Desk that is available 24/7/365 and an additional monitoring of the recovery environment.

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