Megaport Network as a Service (NaaS)

Making connectivity smart, easy, and fully secure. Create connections between data centers, offices, and resources in real time.

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What is Megaport Network as a Service?

As organizations adopt new IT resources on-demand and scale their environments over time, anything that impedes business agility and scalability is detrimental. Keeping in mind the importance of connectivity for modern businesses, we deliver future-proof Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions to ensure nothing holds back your business’ growth, no matter where you need to connect next. ramps-up global connectivity for customers by partnering with Megaport. We can directly connect your local IT loads or IT infrastructure colocated in Data Centers with endpoints across metros, countries, and continents to create redundant infrastructure. You can now build a private network with global reach, faster than traditional VPN solutions, and at a lower cost than buying dedicated bandwidth from several telco operators. Additionally, it is the most secure approach since Megaport SDN services bypass the public internet.

naas megaport | alongside with Megaport NaaS allows building hybrid infrastructure with access to:

  • 760+
    enabled data centers

  • 360+
    service providers

  • 230+
    cloud on-ramps

  • All the major
    cloud providers

  • 100+
    Cloud Regions


Leading network solution

Tested by over 2000 companies worldwide, including Adobe, Zoom, Tesla, FedEx, and Uber. Megaport helps businesses to deploy a global, high-availability network.

Hybrid network with global reach at your fingertips

Just one tool to build connectivity with 760+ data centers worldwide and 360+ top cloud service providers and systems integrators, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, and more. The easiest and fastest way to build a hybrid network by connecting to global clouds through a Megaport platform.

Top security based on private connectivity

You can rest assured that the path your data takes from our data center to the cloud or other on-site location is totally secure, as only direct and private peering is used. Megaport enables dedicated connectivity outside the public internet - on market-leading, globally distributed SDN.

Local support |

Easy to deploy and manage

Now you can build, deploy, and manage connectivity to multiple data centers and cloud providers across different regions in one place. Bring your network together and get better control over how you move data around the world and into clouds.

Ograniczenie kosztów |

Save money and time

Management of several telco and cloud connect providers is time-consuming and cost ineffective. Generate savings by managing your network from one place.

Simple and scalable pricing

Management of several telco and cloud connect providers is time-consuming and cost ineffective. Generate savings by managing your network from one place.

Flexible bandwidth

Right-size your connectivity from the get-go and dial your bandwidth up and down any time. Match your connection speed with your workloads by increasing and decreasing bandwidth– when you need. is the first Polish Megaport Partner | Megaport partner logo

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