launches a joint infrastructure platform solution to support SAP environments with HPE announced that it has joined forces with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to create a top-quality infrastructure platform for companies running SAP solutions on HANA.

The offering is based on HPE GreenLake infrastructure, certified by SAP, hosted in’s most secure and 100% green data center.

The new service is a follow to the strategic partnership entered into between and HPE in March this year. Both companies have wide experience in supporting SAP customers and have decided to bring the synergies of HPE GreenLake and data center services to launch a dedicated solution for customers who currently are facing growing infrastructure demand due to S/4HANA migrations and the increasing size of databases. The unique infrastructure platform is an answer for those SAP customers, who wish to improve the reliability and availability of their critical systems by migrating to the most secure data center in the Central European region, limiting the carbon footprint of their digital infrastructure, while ensuring that their IT solutions are housed on infrastructure that is fully compliant with HANA requirements and certified by SAP while enjoying all the benefits from flexible billing models.

– More and more enterprises are comprehensively incorporating the benefits of IT outsourcing and the as-a-service model. Companies using SAP solutions are no exception. The use case of such entities is however different that for other needs-driven primarily by the business criticality of enterprise systems. These companies need the highest levels of security and assurance of the availability of their infrastructure. Our joint infrastructure offering with HPE meets both conditions. We are the safest data center in the CEE region, and HPE is the number one system vendor for SAP HANA with an approximately 40 percent market share. Customers are assured the highest levels of security, while concurrently obtaining access to a flexible payment model, leading to significant capex savings and reduction in total cost of ownership of the solution. There is no comparable infrastructure solution on the market that ensures access to SAP critical infrastructure, at such levels of security and energy efficiency with optimal latency throughout Europe. And one thing we cannot forget about, offers the most attractive energy efficiency in the CEE market, our energy is 100% green ensuring that the carbon footprint of SAP infrastructure is minimized – says Wojciech Stramski, CEO.

The infrastructure platform is a complete, purpose-built platform dedicated to all companies who run SAP solutions on HANA database, including SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW and more. The platform is delivered to customers fully as a service. It allows companies to avoid upfront investments, delivers the state-of-the-art infrastructure that meets the requirements of the HANA database platform, and eliminates all the inefficiencies from running the infrastructure in-house. has furthermore ensured comprehensive SAP support in the area of development and administration for environments maintained on the platform via reputable SAP partners who work closely with them and HPE.

A distinguishing feature of the solution is the location where the dedicated environment is physically hosted. The entire infrastructure is localized in Data Center 2 in Poznan, Poland which is one of the three safest data centers in all of the European Union. Maintaining SAP systems in a data center with an ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 security standard is a guarantee of the highest level of uptime, which is critical for enterprise solutions like SAP. Furthermore,, with its attractive connectivity offering and being strategically positioned on the map of Europe in the city of Poznan, Poland can ensure optimal latency to key European destinations, which is especially important for multinationals who have multiple SAP infrastructure users dispersed throughout Europe or worldwide.

– We are serving over 34.000 SAP customers worldwide and what we see in the market today is an ever-growing demand for HANA infrastructure solutions provided in an as-a-service model.  Furthermore, companies are becoming more aware of their capital allocations strategies and not all are interested in deploying and maintaining in-house server rooms or investing in hardware and operating systems in one-off models. By combining’s state-of-the-art campus infrastructure, highest levels of security, energy efficiency, connectivity, and services with HPE GreenLake offerings, a very unique offer for SAP environments now allow customers to move from traditional capex intensive on-premise models to more optimal as a service solution – says Marcin Szymanik, Service Provider Sales at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Poland.

Created by with HPE, the platform is one of the greenest environments for SAP available on the market due to sustainability which is enshrined in the DNA of both partners. Data Center 2 is 100% powered by green energy and one of the most energy-efficient data centers in Europe with a PUE energy efficiency index of 1.2.  HPE GreenLake on the other hand provides customers with an elastic as-a-service offering enabling them to pay only for what they use, simplify their workloads to save energy, and reduce environmental impact.


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