e24cloud in the EKOMERSY 2015 contest

The next edition of EKOMERSY 2015 is behind us. Beyond.pl’ e24cloud was nominated in the category of best IT solution for e-commerce. Voting vas closed on 4 October 2015, and the results were announced on 14 October during the next edition of e-commerce fairs 2015. We’re counting on your support!

About e24cloud:

Beyond.pl e24cloud are the first on demand servers in Poland, for which customers are charged for actual usage, and which are available in less than 30 seconds. The service lets you create, maintain and easily scale infrastructure for e-commerce, applications, or websites, as well as manage data bases and store data. e24cloud successfully supports operations, which require considerable reach (WWF’s Earth Hour), stability and security (Siepomaga) and availability on numerous devices (Qpony).”

We already know the results – e24cloud won the title of the best computing cloud among IT solutions for e-commerce.