The launch of the Cloud Academy

The Cloud Academy is the educational project of The main idea of the endeavor is to organize technical meetings for IT specialists in three cities – Poznan (24th of April), Wroclaw (17th of May) and Gdansk (14th of June).

“We stand by a principle “Technicians for technicians”. All of our workshops are about specific matters and are presented by experienced engineers. It is the practical knowledge which is the main value for participants,” says Aleksandra Ochranowicz, the Coordinator of the Cloud Academy project. 

This year’s main topic of the series is “Efficient cloud implementation”. A special guest will be Miroslav Burnejko, influencer and author of the blog. Additionally in Poznan, Max Smolaks – the winner of the data center industry’s “Oscar” in the DCD Global Awards competition and the editor of Data Center Dynamics – a British, international media platform – will also give a speech.

“We invite to take part mostly IT Specialists with a good knowledge of cloud computing. Certainly, employees of IT Departments at all levels no matter of the size of the company will feel that it was the right place to be. The event is also aimed at students close to graduating, who want to confront theoretical knowledge with real world examples. We want practitioners to exchange their experiences,” invites the Coordinator.

A detailed agenda is available on the landing page, on which also registrations are now open. The event is supported by worldwide brands: Intel, Microsoft, VMware and Veeam, and media: “ITWiz”, i “IT Professional”.