Case study: Cloud Changing Driving Habits of Polish Drivers

Poznan, Poland – 27 April 2017 – Case study between two Poznan companies – data center and Neptis SA ( app creator) shows that processing a lot of data changes everyday habits, including driving a car. It also serves to prove that a stable IT environment is vital for modern business, very often existing only online.

Yanosik has one and a half million customers a month in Poland, our app is on 6 million mobile phones,” lists Adam Tychmanowicz, Neptis SA CEO. “At peak times, we’ve got 150k users dailywho covered over 5 billion kilometers in 2016. The challenge for is to process a lot of data to help drivers choose the best route online,” says Tychmanowicz.

Availability, security and flexibility are the key 

What are the challenges? is based on communication between drivers, who send each other warnings about road events in real time. Maps are created in cooperation with the users and are constantly updated, which generates more than average number of alerts.

On top of that, must be prepared for sudden burst of users, for example during Christmas or the holiday season, with significantly higher road traffic and dynamically growing number of logged in users. The number of people online varies during the day – at night there might be 50k logged in users, with 150k in the afternoon!

Growing popularity of the app increases cyber attack risk, but first of all the demand for processing power, hence IT environment should be flexible, fast and easy to expand.

Continuity of operations guaranteed by the cloud cloud let app owners reach all their technological objectives, and consequently all the business goals, which is to secure continuous access to the app, data security, and the option to extend the IT infrastructure really fast.

“Stability of cloud based services means that users never lose access to their app. SLA agreement is as an additional confirmation of data availability,” says Bartłomiej Danek, Vice President of Data security is guaranteed not only by the business cloud, but also by effective cloud backup, including the cloud.

Setting up the entire IT environment on virtual machines allows quick response times to user behaviour. Neptis SA can increase computing power rapidly without any paperwork or having to purchase extra hardware. “We can launch extra resources really fast. This helps us adapt to current needs,” says Paweł Stefanski, Chief Engineer at

Data as the Key to Online Business

Neptis SA grows its business, gains new users and expands its offer thanks to the processing of a lot of data – up to 40 TB a day. Stable and flexible IT environment based on cloud eliminates the risk of cyber attacks or app unavailability. Technological partner remains a key cooperating party for businesses, which provide their services or trade online.

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Case study: Cloud Changing Driving Habits of Polish Drivers