Smart Hands with HoloLens becomes a reality at is the first Data Center in the CEE region and the first company in Poland to provide infrastructure maintenance service (Smart Hands) using Microsoft HoloLens 2.0 augmented reality glasses. With this technology, customers can remotely view and manage their IT resources in real time from any location. Smart Hands service using HoloLens eliminates distance barriers and significantly streamlines maintenance activities within the data center.

HoloLens glasses are utilized by many industries. They are used by scientists, designers, engineers, doctors, and production line managers. Thanks to the project launched by, IT specialists will use them as well. The company allows its customers to manage their infrastructure in collaboration with technicians during virtual sessions in the data center realized with the Microsoft technology.

“Entrusting your infrastructure to a third-party operator can be demanding, especially if the data center facility is far away from the company’s headquarters. HoloLens technology allows us to break the distance barrier, especially since we serve companies from all over Europe. Our customers now have access to their infrastructure from any location in the world – the office, home, or even a hotel when on vacation. We have now transformed into a 24/7 real-time access facility with full transparency of our infrastructure maintenance process. In addition to greater transparency, HoloLens glasses also provide the opportunity to significantly optimize processes related to the management and servicing of IT infrastructure or handling failures,” – says Wojciech Stramski, CEO of

“The fundamental purpose of implementing such technologies is to deliver the best possible customer experience, but also to streamline and automate business processes, equip employees with productivity-enhancing tools, and shape innovative business models in the digital world. The key value that comes from using the cloud model, and thus implementing technologies like HoloLens, is the ability to safely address all of these challenges simultaneously. With the limitations of face-to-face interactions, HoloLens mixed reality glasses offer customers a unique experience when interacting with technicians. The end customer virtually oversees the the work performed by the Smart Hands team, allowing individuals to complete specific IT procedures, collect relevant documentation, and increase productivity. You can chat via Instant Messenger using the glasses, capture and send photos, or exchange technical documentation required to address a problem,” – says Paweł Jakubik, Microsoft board member.

The possibilities of mixed reality

HoloLens mixed reality technology dramatically accelerates and simplifies the execution of complex events that require interaction between multiple teams. In particular, the technology helps to engage with third parties, such as equipment or applications suppliers, who are often located in different geographic locations.  Securing everyone’s availability in one physical location at the same time is difficult, especially during a pandemic. With HoloLens glasses, without the need to travel, all parties obtain access inreal time to the ability to view  and communicate in relation to the troubleshooting activity. employees become the eyes, ears, and hands of all the necessary people involved in solving the task.

With Microsoft technology, whether you want to efficiently and timely verify the quality of the space where your infrastructure is stored or troubleshoot a technical issue, you can do it from anywhere without having to waste time to travel to the data hall.

“By eliminating the need to travel to data center facilities, we limit the expenses related to business trips. Concurrently, we create the possibility to optimize work within internal and external IT teams. From the point of view of our customers, who are spread all over Europe, this present an opportunity to realize huge savings of time and money. Moreover, in the face of the pandemic and introduced restrictions, we can provide services at a consistently high level and in safe conditions,”  adds Wojciech Stramski.

Real security in virtual solutions

HoloLens combines technology, digital objects, and real-world imagery so that they work seamlessly together. The device maps the physical environment around the user and overlays digital data onto real-world objects. The HoloLens smart glasses enable the user to make striking visualizations and convey multi-dimensional information. This allows for a more accurate understanding of the environment, without the need to be physically present in a given time and at the specific location. HoloLens glasses are equipped with a set of sensors, displays, and a special unit for holographic processing.

“This is another innovative project by that raises the standard of colocation in the European market. While rolling out the new service model, we wanted for our Smart Hands technical support to be fully secure, and at the same time, to introduce a new dimension of communication. The service was well received by our international customers who entrusted us with their equipment. Thanks to HoloLens, access to the most secure data center facility in Europe, the only one with an ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certificate, becomes possible from any location in the world,” concludes Wojciech Stramski.

During a video conference, you can “live chat”, capture pictures, upload, and edit any file, text, graphic or video. HoloLens also offers high-quality security features. The system provides access to the database only through the application, and communication is encrypted with an SSL protocol. Additionally, it provides, among others, OAuth2 application authentication based on JWT tokens with adjustable session times. Data and multimedia streams are also encrypted.



About Microsoft: Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is driving digital transformation in the era of Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge. The company’s mission is to enable every person and organization in the world to achieve more. Microsoft provides a platform of solutions that are a foundation for others to develop, leading to better life of citizens, transformation of Polish companies, schools, offices and expansion of Polish IT companies – Microsoft Partners – who create their own solutions based on Microsoft technology. The company’s aspiration in Poland is to contribute to the creation of the Polish Digital Valley, where technology allows to accelerate the development of Polish enterprises and organizations. In May 2020, the company announced a plan to invest $1 billion in digital transformation in Poland, including access to local cloud services from its first computing region.

Microsoft is consistently changing the way people live, work, learn and play, as well as enjoy leisure time and communicate through technology. As a leader in the cloud computing space, the company continues to create new cloud services and solutions and AI mechanisms that help transform institutions, businesses, and entire industries.

Microsoft Corporation was established in 1975 in the USA and Polish branch of the company has existed since 1992. In Poland Microsoft is represented by nearly 500 managers and specialists who support customers and partners in digital transformation on a daily basis.


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