Polish Azure Stack Has Been Launched! The Microsoft Solution Now Available at Beyond.pl

Poznan, Poland – 18 July 2018 – “After three months of intensive work with our technology partners we finally launched the Microsoft Azure Stack on the production platform at Data Center 2. We are ready to provide services not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of administration,” says Maciej Madziala, IT Solutions Architect, who at Beyond.pl was responsible for implementing the solution. This is the first such implementation in Central Eastern Europe.

Microsoft Azure Stack at Beyond.pl is a response to the emerging questions of IT managers regarding the possibility to process data with global, well-known Microsoft tools, but with local resource processing.

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure cloud available from the local data center. It allows companies to build advanced applications in the cloud using PaaS tools (i.a. IoT HUB, Service Fabric, LoadBalancer, MS SQL Database) in a hybrid model. As an example, personal data or ERP systems can be stored in a local data center in Poznan and the lighter-weight applications in the Azure cloud. Beyond.pl as a cloud service provider offers not only access to Azure Stack from Data Center 2, but also allows to extend the infrastructure with Microsoft’s global resources within a single agreement.

Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack have compatible API and almost identical administration panel with the same naming convention and operation rules. Azure Stack at Beyond.pl and Azure have also the same architecture. The service has been implemented in the connected mode to ensure the maximum integrity.

Microsoft Azure Stack in Poland – benefits for business

 The biggest benefit of Azure Stack at Beyond.pl is its location. Clients can rest assured that their data is processed in Poland, what is a key aspect for many industries, including the finance industry, medical services and energy industry. It also facilitates passing different types of audits easier. Beyond.pl can also sign a contract with a client to entrust personal data.

 What is more, Beyond.pl is the first-line support for clients using Azure Stack, which can communicate with Beyond.pl in Polish and English by e-mail or by phone. In this way the problems can be identified much faster than when getting into contact with the Microsoft Customer Support. If a client is facing a problem related to the configuration at the technology partners’ level, Beyond.pl acts as a liaison between the client and providers. Eventually, the client has an access to a wide range of experts, but needs to contact solely one team.

Beyond.pl offers also full IT administration, including a hybrid environment using Azure and Azure Stack. In this way the client does not need to hire an additional specialist in this field. It is a significant value added to the cooperation with Beyond.pl, because Microsoft does not offer administration of an own cloud infrastructure.

Within the Microsoft Azure Stack solution, clients will be charged on a consumption basis. Rates at Beyond.pl are similar to the ones in Western Europe, which is one of the cheapest regions of Microsoft Azure. Rates vary depending on the number of services used and are prepared for each client individually. Clients which use global cloud Azure at Beyond.pl and Polish Azure Stack will be issued only one invoice with both amounts indicated separately.

Azure Stack architecture at Data Center 2

Dell EMC is the provider of the equipment as it won the tender organized by Beyond.pl. It delivered the entire physical infrastructure, which was a ready-to-use server rack. At this moment Microsoft allows for the exploitation of one 12 node scale unit. “If a client needs large, dedicated resources, we are able to offer Azure Stack as a service and ensure a private solution of 4/8/12 nodes,” highlights Maciej Madziala from Beyond.pl.

Azure Stack at Beyond.pl is located in the only data center in Central Eastern Europe with the highest security certification Rated 4 according to ANSI/TIA-942. It demonstrates the full redundancy of infrastructure: from a rack’s components, through a wiring system, to power supply and cooling of the facilities. In this way SLA at 99.95% level is offered.

We have already signed an agreement with the first client. It is a company from abroad, which wanted to store data in Poland,” says Bartlomiej Danek, Deputy CEO of Beyond.pl.  “We were receiving requests for a proposal, when the architecture was still being tested, what actually best illustrates the demand for this type of service. The strength of Beyond.pl is supposed to be the flexibility of solutions and freedom of choice of the virtualizer by the client. Today, along with our flagship services, namely Cloud for Business based on VMware and e24cloud, we also offer the Microsoft’s PaaS hybrid platform. This is a huge business and technological success,” ends the board member.



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