Rated-4 Certificate

The only data center in Central & Eastern Europe with the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4 Certification

Certificate of American National Institute (ANSI) is acknowledged all around the world. ANSI/TIA-942 compliance audit verifies approximately 2600 requirements compared to several hundred requirements verified by a competing institution.

ANSI sets standards in four specific areas: architecture, mechanics, power supply, and telecommunication. This means, that in order to get Rated-4 standard, a data center must
meet the maximum requirements in all these four areas. All elements are precisely examined, starting from infrastructure elements, such as topography and design, up to security elements, such as emergency power supply or fire protection systems.

Data Center 2 is a fault tolerant infrastructure, i.e. maintenance, repairs or single errors have no influence on data center operations. This is possible thanks to different redundant systems dedicated for example to power supply or connectivity.

American National
Standards Institute (ANSI)

ANSI is a private non-profit organization that starting from 1918 continuously accredits technology standards in U.S. ANSI/TIA-942 audits are carried out by various entities, which guarantees their impartiality.

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ANSI/TIA-942 certification areas



Structure, topologycube *cube
Designcube  *cube
Number of rooms and their purposecube
Dimensions and loadcube
CCTV systemcube
System access controlcube
Physical security systemcube




Cooling systemscubecube
Fuel systemscubecube
Autonomous fire safetycube



Connection to power gridcube
Structure, topologycubecube
Emergency power supplycubecube



Main components, technologycube
Structure, external topology outside the buildingcubecube
Structure, internal topology inside the buildingcube
Cable routing, markingscube
Ground connectioncube

The highest security standard

Rated-4 Certification

ANSI/TIA-942 standard in all four areas: architecture, mechanics, power supply and telecomuniactions.

certyfikat rated 4 wg ANSI/TIA-942

See the only data center in Poland with the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4 Certification

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