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Multicloud – Perfect Balance between On Premise vs. Cloud?

Multicloud shows strong trend in IT infrastructure maintenance. It combines distributed, virtualized IT systems into a single and efficient IT environment. One thing to bear in mind is that multicloud is multidimensional and offers a wide range of solutions, from connecting and centralising SaaS and PaaS solutions to infrastructure, to building a hybrid cloud with on-premise components together with public cloud hosted services.

The popularity of multicloud strategies is increasing as business requirements for IT infrastructure maintenance continue to grow. The systems should be available on demand, more cost-effective, more efficient… Such business approach has changed the optics of many enterprises and drew their attention to cloud solutions, such as ERP systems or integrated teamwork tools, such as Office 365 or GSuite. This is where the challenge of combining the two worlds and hybrid integration lies.

Multicloud and Covid-19 epidemic

Finally, the Covid-19 epidemic has become a game changer by generating an additional increase in demand for remote work support solutions, public cloud being their natural environment. Under the current circumstances, is observing a real increase in interest in cloud computing services or managed services for backup as a service (DRC or BaaS). Companies are actively working to develop processes that guarantee the continuity of their key IT environments in the event of further epidemic waves.

Benefits from multicloud approach

Building a company multicloud-based IT environment brings a number of undeniable benefits: access to expensive technology without CAPEX investment, pay as you go charges, system scalability depending on current or planned workload. “Transformation towards cloud”, however, poses many challenges. Legacy systems are not ready for hybrid model, and latency between the application server and the client station can be up to 20 ms for global clouds. Therefore, you should plan your activities carefully, starting with drawing a migration plan. Loads should be adequately distributed, unnecessary communication between environments should be reduced to a minimum, ensuring the highest possible security standards, while adequately estimating costs. Preparing a project on your own, without the subject matter knowledge experience, naturally bears a high risk. We have set up a dedicated Cloud team at specifically with such customers in mind. This team develops the entire migration plan together with a customer, and offers optimisation support after cloud deployment. We have already successfully implemented our first migration and multicloud development projects.

Multicloud in the coming years

One thing is certain, however. Hybrid clouds that combine their own environments with cloud solutions provided by data centers and hyperscalers will dominate the market in the coming years. That is why it’s key to pay attention to comprehensive offering and cross-cloud expertise while looking for a technology partner.

Piotr Podlawski
Business Development Director – Cloud Computing


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