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  1. Reasons for migration to the cloud:
    1. Scalability
    2. Stability
    3. Operation Speed
    4. Savings
    5. Data Security
  2. eCommerce Cloud – Needs and Challenges
  3. When is the Right Time for Cloud Migration?
  4. When Can Online Store Cloud Migration Involve Risks?
  5. How Is the Store Migrated to the Cloud?

Changing consumer habits is a fact. An increasing number of people are shopping online, and ecommerce businesses now have a variety of ecommerce technologies and platforms to choose from. There are some good reasons why you should seriously consider migrating your business to the cloud.


Cloud hosting allows you to expand your online store as your business grows. Cloud scalability follows changing needs. On the other hand, the costs involved and keeping your IT team can slow down your IT infrastructure growth.


Advertising campaigns or new product launching mean one thing for an online store: increasing traffic. Cloud hosting provides excellent stability for online sales as it is ready for any, even the most rapid changes. Moreover, this means continuity of operation and satisfied customers.

Operation Speed

Speed is important! 40% of online buyers would give up their purchase if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. While 79% of customers who were unhappy with the site performance would not visit it again.


Cloud computing offers significant savings because you only pay for the resources used, consequently invest free cash flow to grow your business.

Data Security

Security and trust in ecommerce are the key. Customers should be able to trust that products available online have been well and precisely described. They must be absolutely sure that their payment and identification information is secure.

eCommerce Cloud – Needs and Challenges

This does not mean that cloud migration is good for everyone. Companies considering cloud migration of their store need to address many issues: from benefits and risk assessment to cloud service model and type.

When is the Right Time for Cloud Migration?

  • When online store traffic increases and it is difficult to scale it in a way that meets growing demand.
  • When it is necessary to reduce and balance costs while increasing the effectiveness of IT processes.
  • While expanding your business. When setting up adequate infrastructure, along with all the necessary processes, involving maintenance, time, people and financing become a serious problem.
  • When administrative tasks such as database backup, software updates and periodic maintenance consume too much time, will do it for you as the cloud solution provider.

When Can Online Store Cloud Migration Involve Risks?

  • When an existing configuration meets your needs, does not require a lot of maintenance, scaling and availability, and your customers are happy.
  • Maintenance of highly sensitive data and compliance requirements may not be possible in the cloud.
  • Cloud migration may not be possible in case of proprietary technology.

How Is the Store Migrated to the Cloud?

Moving your business to the cloud is a simple migration of data, resources, and applications to servers by the selected service provider. This process follow several key actions and decisions made earlier:

  • plan which data stays on the company’s servers (if any) and which will be migrated to the cloud,
  • decide whether data will be migrated to the following cloud:
    • private
    • public
    • hybrid
  • chose service provider who will ensure:
    • data security,
    • adequate, scalable server access,
    • ability to handle company website and application traffic,
    • IT support.
  • choice of additional services offered by the supplier.

At, we know that every company is different and has different needs. That is why together with our customers, we find solutions that are best matched, most effective and most secure.

As the only company in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, we have received the Rated 4 ANSI/TIA-942 Certificate. This certificate means that is the most stable and secure computing center providing colocation and digital cloud services in this area of Europe. data centers are located in Poznań, thanks to which all data is stored in the European Union, which is especially important considering Personal Data Protection Act or the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

What we offer:

  • server collocation,
  • cloud computing for business,
  • dedicated infrastructure,
  • support during project and implementation stages,
  • ensured system continuity and development support,
  • full range of IT administration services.

If you don’t have your own team of IT professionals, we’ll offer you professional IT support which will not only guide your business through the process of designing services and migrating your business to the cloud, but who’ll take care your data, resources and application and safe.


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