What is Disaster Recovery Center

Disaster Recovery Center protects your company against losing data and your Clients as a consequence.

DRC service is a backup location for IT systems of your company. Providing recovery center services gives your IT department better security and work comfort. It’s part of the policy of continuity of operations, which should be in place at your company.

Our offer includes adjusting business dedicated services, utilising both your hardware collocated at Beyond.pl Data Centers, as well as infrastructure lease.

Disaster Recovery Center parameters

Disaster Recovery Center service is designed to prevent data loss and protect access to IT resources.

Thanks to maintaining IT resource pool and company data synchronisation, DRC ensures continuity of operations in case of failure at the home center.

In the event of a major emergency, you can switch immediately between your IT systems and operate from a different location freely as long as it’s necessary.

DRC covers the following services:

  • collocation or lease of the dedicated IT resources at our professional data center
  • preparation and implementation of the recovery plan procedure
  • ongoing backup infrastructure tests to ensure its readiness for immediate action
  • backup equipment to ensure comprehensive data protection
  • adjusting the degree of data replication to the specifications in the business continuity plan
  • perfect connection with the internet or your company’s network
  • secure IT network, immune to IT security threats
  • backup office – office space with all the equipment, work stations and peripherals (e.g. printers, scanners), in the amount and configuration required to ensure the continuity of your business
  • ongoing support by our team of qualified engineers


  • 99,995% annually (~25 min)

Disaster Recovery Center benefits

Maintaining business continuity

Guarantee of continuity of operations

Reduction of risks

Minimised data loss risk and reduction of negative impact produced by primary location downtime to a minimum

Reliable procedures

Proven disaster recovery procedures

High availability

Guarantee of maintaining contact with your customers, also during emergency situations.
SLA agreement to prove that your company can maintain business accessibility.

Cost optimisation

Optimized IT security costs for your business

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