What is vDRC?

Virtual Disaster Recovery Center (vDRC) keeps your company IT resources available without the need to purchase additional hardware.

It provides fast, professional and easy protection of your infrastructure.
Backup Center as a service lets you run your business operations without the fear of losing data or contact with your customer. You can start using the vDisaster Recovery Center automatically, should the need arise.

vDisaster Recovery Center parameters

Virtual Disaster Recovery Center covers the security of entire systems, including data and computing resources.

Management panel is simple and easy to use, it contributes to low RTO and enables quick start of the recovery process. Tested automated systems switch the production infrastructure to the emergency environment page within seconds.

You can verify replication process and emergency plan operation through test launch. When you select additional management option, our qualified team of engineers will ensure the management of emergency plan for your infrastructure.

Service object

  • Comprehensive service of building Client Disaster Recovery Center based on the virtual environment; includes project support
  • Disaster Recovery dedicated virtual computing environment, ready and configured; minimum resources
  • In case of failover, Client extend environment resources themselves and moves the environment to vDRC according to a defined procedure
  • Option to use the contracted computing power to its full extent for 1 week annually
  • you can move the service to the computing power model at any time

Service includes

  • Project support building your Disaster Recovery Cloud
  • vDRC computing power with the right to use it for 7 days per year as part of the payment plan
  • testing option to assure correct functionality one in six months

Virtual Disaster Recovery Center benefits

Reliability and ongoing security

Latest technologies used by Beyond.pl vDRC minimise the risk of having no access to your company data or resources.

Availability on demand

You launch the full computing power only when you need to, keeping it in the state of continuous readiness at other times.

Background service

Beyond.pl vDRC service is fully automatized and doesn’t require you do anything once it’s launched

Freedom of implementation

You decide which business areas to protect, and adjust the type and frequency of data replication to these decisions

Saving on expenses

Your vDRC is designed using Beyond.pl resources, which means you don’t have to spend money on building your own server room

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