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Our commitment to care for the environment and specifically to rely on renewable energy sources and electricity conservation efforts has enabled us to substantially minimize the carbon footprints of our clients. We are a sustainable data center that relies on energy efficient technologies. In our server facilities, we have disposed of outdated systems and embraced the latest and most efficient technologies that guarantee data security while protecting the environment. 100% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources, while state-of-the-art solutions help us reduce carbon emissions by up to 46,909.8 tons* every year.

The Climate Neutral Data Center Pact has become the first Polish member of the Pact. The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact is a grassroots initiative of European data center operators and cloud platform providers, based on the principles of self-regulation. It is a response of the largest companies in the industry to the European Green Deal, an initiative of the European Commission thanks to which Europe is supposed to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, so as to ensure the contribution of the data center industry to the protection of our natural environment. The Pact is intended to help limit the carbon footprint generated by the data center industry and support activities within the scope of constructing environmentally friendly and climate-neutral infrastructure. To this date, 29 enterprises and 20 associations have signed the Pact.

Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact data centers are supplied with 100% renewable energy

We are the first Polish participant of the VMware Zero Carbon Committed program

The VMware Zero Carbon Committed initiative brings together VMware partner companies striving to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030. To date, 29 partners from over 10,000 communities worldwide have joined the program. is the first Polish vendor under the VMware Zero Carbon Committed program and today we meet all the key assumptions of the initiative: we focus on sustainable development and our data centers are powered by 100% green energy.

Not only does the data center offer the highest level of security, as confirmed first in the European Union and the only one in Central Europe ANSI/TIA-942 Rated4 certificate, but it is also the most energy-efficient such facility in the country. The adiabatic cooling technology has been inspected in an audit carried out before the Rated4 certificate was conferred. The adiabatic chambers of servers in Data Center 2 are designed to take advantage of physical barriers that prevent cold and warm air from mixing in hallways. This helps reduce energy consumption while increasing the efficiency of server room cooling. As a result, we are able to provide top-quality services in our ANSI/TIA-942 Rated4 facility all the while keeping adverse impacts on the environment to a minimum. 100% of the electricity used in the DC2 comes from renewable energy sources (RES). These include wind, biomass (e.g. from farming and particularly straw), and photovoltaics, as attested to by a certificate of the Registry of Guarantees of Origin. We have also created the position of Environmental Manager in our organization. The job involves ensuring the efficient operation of environmental solutions in our buildings and supporting our clients in monitoring and minimizing their carbon footprints as part of DC services. And since we really care for the environment, we have chosen to provide our partners, staff, and clients with bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging stations in addition to systemic solutions.

Even at the stage of building our Data Center 2, we researched our options of using energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions and renewable energy sources. As a result:

  • We utilize the heat generated in cooling our server rooms and the equipment they hold to heat our office and technology building. Heat is transported by a heat pump which allows us to minimize negative environmental impact even more.
  • Ambient cool air from the atmosphere is used to cool the second floor of our server room. Our Data Center 2 design is based on solutions used, among others, in Facebook’s mega server rooms in Prinville, Oregon (USA), located in an area with similar average annual and daily temperature distributions, which was an inspiration for adiabatic cooling technology.
  • Data Center 2 is Poland’s first server room and one of a handful of such facilities across the region to attain the energy efficiency level of PUE 1.2, as compared to the market average PUE of 1.4-1.6. The closer to level 1 one gets, the less energy is needed to achieve the desired operating ambient conditions in server rooms.
  • What also allows us to conserve energy is DCMS (Data Center Management System) – a system that monitors and controls devices and installations, as well as our smart lighting system covering the entire facility.
  • The materials we have used to build our facility have all the required attestations and certificates as well as the B safety mark. They attest to our conformity with safety standards and our environmental friendliness.
  • We have constructed a lamella clarifier to efficiently separate oils from rainwater runoff captured by our storm drain system before it goes into the collector pipe.

Data on the energy consumption by corporate IT resources tends to be hidden because energy consumption is not part of the IT budget and thus escapes scrutiny. After transferring such resources to our data center, energy use information can become readily available. In addition, companies commonly maintain IT resources in facilities that are poorly fit for the purpose, which adds to adverse environmental impacts as it increases their carbon footprints. The transfer of IT resources to Poland’s most efficiently constructed server facility and at the same time, the safest in Central Europe may boost service levels delivered to businesses by IT units and help reduce negative environmental effects. At, we keep close tabs on both the origin and amount of energy we use, keeping in mind that the environmental conservation outcomes achieved in this way translate directly into our service quality and ethical integrity in serving our clients. Not every data center will automatically reduce business costs and environmental impacts. The key is for the supplier to make informed decisions to combine the highest data security with ecology and cost reductions. acts responsibly in all of these areas. We constantly improve our solutions to better support our clients’ business. Digital transformation and growing reliance on IT resources are a burden to the environment. This can be prevented through a focus on solution efficiency, especially in energy management. As an organization committed to sustainable development, state-of-the-art solutions and the highest level of data security available in the European Union, is your best partner for both environmental conservation and business.* We reduce carbon emissions by 46,909.8 tons per year at the rate of 5,355 kg per MWh, as calculated for 7 MWh.This emissions estimate is based on the rate of 765 kg of CO2 per MWh provided by the “National Database of the Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and Other Substances” in the 2019 Report “Electricity-Use-Related Emission of End Consumers of Electricity”.

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