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Security is our top priority

At, we maintain the highest data protection standards and built-in security control processes confirmed by industry certificates. Our services can help you achieve savings and scalability while maintaining sustainable security and compliance.

What do certifications and standard compliance mean?

  • Data security
  • Confirmation and verification of best practices and security policies
  • Continuous solution development and improvement
  • Adapting to new and rapidly changing requirements and rules

Each certification or standard offers numerous benefits across different areas, including:

  • Compliance with legal and environmental standards in a given area
  • Ensured data and infrastructure security
  • Adapting to current trends and challenges
  • Proven and dedicated solutions

Certifications and partnerships Certifications and Partnerships

Rated 4 wg ANSI/TIA-942

Guarantee of stability and business continuity. The highest level of security in all four areas: architecture, mechanics, power supply, and telecommunications.

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ISO 27001

Guarantee of secure data processing. Information security management system with the highest level of objectivity and credibility.

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Guarantee of card holder data protection. A global standard established by financial organizations.

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The highest degree of compliance of internal security and availability processes with IT service providers.

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VMware Cloud Verified

Guarantee of service based on complete VMware Cloud technology and access to the full suite of integrated VMware Cloud infrastructure capabilities.

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Microsoft Gold Partner

We guarantee access to Microsoft’s public cloud, as well as licensing and hosting solutions with managed service support and the highest level of security.

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