ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 Certification & EN 50600 Class 4 standard Data Center 2 is the only facility in the European Union with the highest level of security confirmed by two independent bodies: the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certification and the EN 50600 Class 4 standard. There are no compromises when it comes to the security of our clients’ systems.

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Uptime 100% and Target Power 42MW is a 42MW multi-tier campus. Our sites are core- and edge-computing data center types. We offer the highest SLA standards – up to 99.9999%. This is possible thanks to the technologies we use – two independent emergency power systems, two types of cooling and an extensive backup infrastructure.

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High Density Readiness & Carrier Neutrality

We are a carrier-neutral data center with access to more than 500 domestic and international carriers. Just 4ms to Warsaw and Berlin, 11ms to Frankfurt, 17ms to Amsterdam and 22ms to London and Paris. data centers are designed and prepared to support high-density IT power (100 kW/rack).

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100% green energy Beyond Data center

Data Centers powered by 100% RES in pair with optimal PUE

Data Center 2 is one of the most energy-efficient data processing facilities in Poland. High-energy efficiency allows us to achieve a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.2. For our customers, it is a guarantee of lower costs and a reduction of their carbon footprint. Sustainability is part of our DNA.

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No one else can match this spread.

Data Center Services


Servers Colocation

The highest security standard and business continuity for your colocated equipment.

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Dedicated Infrastructure

IT infrastructure tailored to your business needs. Leverage the knowledge and experience of our experts.

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VMware cloud |

VMware Cloud

Security and scalability for your business. Take advantage of full access to complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies.

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e24cloud (KVM)

First public cloud in Poland. Unlimited flexibility and control of your instances. Run any number of virtual machines in just a seconds only when you need larger compute capacity.

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VMware cloud |

Microsoft Cloud

Reduce costs and increase organizational efficiency with Microsoft’s open and flexible cloud computing platform.

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Administracja IT

IT Administration

Expert administration and configuration for your IT environment.

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Our Clients Certifications

ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4

Guarantee of stability and business continuity. The highest level of security in all four areas: architecture, mechanics, power supply, and telecommunications.

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en 50600

EN 50600 Class 4

The highest level of service availability, stability and continuity of infrastructure, and physical data center security. The official European standard defining best practice for data center operations.

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ISO 27001

Guarantee of secure data processing. Information security management system with the highest level of objectivity and credibility.

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ISO 14001

An international environmental standard confirming that a company consistently pursues activities that minimize the negative impact of its business on the environment and contribute to its sustainability.

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Guarantee of card holder data protection. A global standard established by financial organizations.

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The highest degree of compliance of internal security and availability processes with IT service providers.

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