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Why choose colocation services from us?

No matter if you want to colocate one single server or a couple of server racks, as part of the service you get the agreed space for all of the equipment in a room with physical, energy and environmental security guaranteed.

As part of the service you will have our logistics area, warehouse, unloading dock and workshop space at your disposal. Additionally, our experienced Service Desk and Smart Hands teams are there to support you. Technicians on shift duty perform the server rooms checks as well as inspect the colocated equipment.

Safety is provided not only by the technical systems, but also the physical security. Data Center 2 is subject to strict security guidelines with regards to employees and visitors. More than 300 CCTV cameras are installed across the facility, and employees have access rights appropriate to their position. Access to server compartments is protected with additional security codes.

Key facts about colocation offering from

Power advantages:

  • 4MW available power capacity; expansion on campus with additional 34MW ongoing;
  • low PUE – 1.2 ratio powered by 100% green energy;
  • high density ready infrastructure (20kW+/rack);
  • 55% lower energy prices in Poland than in Germany (0,12€ vs 0,27€ including PUE) or in other EU countries.

Very low latency to key hubs and great connectivity services (download brochure):

  • Poznan-Frankfurt 11ms round trip (Beyond East-West Corridor) & POP in Frankfurt;
  • connectivity services from Megaport;
  • access to global carriers including Tier 1 such as Lumen, RETN, Telia Carrier, Cogent Communications, Orange, T-Mobile, Liberty Global/UPC, GTT in Poznan over 500 other telecom operators (via Frankfurt POP);
  • connection with key European IX’s such as DE-CIX (German Internet Exchange), BC-IX (Berlin Internet Exchange), NIX.CZ (Czech Internet Exchange), VIX (Vienna Internet eXchange), BIX (Budapest Internet Exchange);
  • connection with commercial Polish IX’s like PLIX by Equinix, THINX by Atman, TPIX and EPIX – the biggest Polish non-commercial, which has an internet exchange traffic node on’s Campus.

Highest level of data center security (download brochure):

  • Rated 4 ANSI/TIA-942 (certified) providing a SLA of 99.995% and boasting 100% uptime since commissioning in 2016;
  • contractual SLA’s can reach up to 99,9999%.

Top quality range of services:

  • 100 employees – 60% technical with 500+ years of relevant technical experience amongst our technical team with cross technology competences like Azure, VMware, Linux and more;
  • 24/7/365 Smart Hands services in English supported by Microsoft’s HoloLens technology – remote access to your infrastructure via augmented reality improving transparency and increasing the efficiency relating to troubleshooting resolution (watch video).

Excellent transport infrastructure including an international airport:

  • direct flights to Frankfurt (1.2 hours), Munich (1.2 hours), Amsterdam (1.5 hours) London (2.2 hours) or Warsaw (1 hour).

What does the colocation include?

  • The possibility to colocate equipment in a dedicated area in the Data Center 1 or Data Center 2,
  • Physical, energy and environmental security guaranteed
  • Access to telecommunication services
  • Logistics process management
  • Access to social, workshop and warehouse facilities
  • Access to dual power supply system


  • Two power settlement plans:
    • flat rate power tariff with no additional charge,
    • electricity metering.

Technical parameters

  • Total floor space: 12000 m2
  • 1000 m2 logistics floor space, including workshop and warehouse space
  • Business continuity 100%
  • 8 server chambers (2 floors)
  • Raised access floor load: 2550 kg/m2
  • Raised access floor height: standard compartments 100 cm
  • 2000 m2 of IT floor space (server compartments)
  • Loading bay and cargo lift
  • Static UPS power supply system with energy stored in batteries
  • UPS systems with N+1 redundancy
  • Diesel Rotary UPS power supply system
  • Total power allocation for the site DC2: 14 MW (2 x 7 MW connections)
  • Target power of 42MW
  • 10 generators with 21,6 MVA total power
  • Up to 25 kW power density per cabinet
  • Continuity of operation tested at least once per week
  • Two independent cooling systems: standard ethylene glycol-based water cooling system and adiabatic one
  • Carrier neutrality
  • Access to over 20 domestic and international telecom operators
  • Two independent telecom routes to the site
  • Own fiber optic ring connecting both data centers
  • The highest standard of IT infrastructure security – ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4
  • 24/7 armed security and CCTV monitoring
  • Access control system: access cards, metal detection, access chambers, baggage screening, optional bio-metric control
  • VESDA early fire detection system
  • HFC-227ea fire extinguishing agent
  • 24/7 technical service: IT infrastructure and technological teams

Benefits of colocation at


The highest standard of data protection confirmed by the industry certificates, such as ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS and the first in the European Union and the only one in Central Europe ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4 Certification.

Business continuity

Resources availability up to 99.9999% level confirmed by an additional service-level agreement (SLA). A dual power supply system enables data availability even in the case of accident failure.


The infrastructure allows you to quickly scale up your enviroment suited to your current business needs.

Customer support

As part of the service, you have Service Desk team support. You can also get technical help of our highly-qualified Smart Hands team.

Cost efficiency

Thanks to a modern infrastructure the power usage effectiveness ratio in the Data Center 2 reaches the lowest level in Poland which is 1.2. Lower energy consumption means lower costs.

Carrier neutrality

Own fiber-optic infrastructure connecting both data centers enables the access to over 20+ domestic and international telecom operators.

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