stands on the side of Ukraine statement on supporting Ukraine

At we do not support violence or aggression in any form. At we are committed to defending peace and freedom for all. We stand by Ukraine.

We believe in it and we believe that we all have to defend what is right. We have decided to financially support the „SOS Ukraine“ project run by PAH. Of course, this is just a drop in the ocean and not enough. We will also be rolling out projects on a greater extent and wider scale.

Specifically, we will be initiating programs to help the citizens/ families of Ukraine who are forced to escape due to this unwarranted oppression from their homes. Please share the below information with your Ukrainian partners, clients, family, and friends:

  • is offering our support to all businesses looking to transfer IT infrastructure and services from Ukraine to the EU. We will be making available our infrastructure as well as our technicians to help all in need in the migration process. The services will be provided at a minimum of 80% discount on our regular price list. We are available now 24/7 to help you! Please do reach out to
  • will make available the office space for you to be able to work from – we have room for 80+ desks which we will be made available from next week for any individuals from Ukraine – who if they settle- require access to power, computers, desk, connectivity to help get started. Please do reach out to
  • has prioritized hiring individuals with an IT/ engineering background. We will make sure that you can have a good financial start and at least minimize the stress of being without a job and income while you look to restart. If we cannot hire you directly we will support you to enter the vast network of our customers and partners who we hope will join in this project. Please do not hesitate to send your contact details to our HR team – they are standing by 24/7 Please do reach out to
  • For other sources of support, we recommend visiting the initiatives raised by Tech To The Rescue among others.