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About Veeam Cloud Connect

Companies using Veaam technology have the option to locate corporate backups in one of the most secure data centers in Poland. The Veeam Cloud Connect service is available directly from the Veeam Agent panel. Getting started and storing backups in`’s data centers now takes just minutes.

Without implementing separate complex infrastructure and incurring the associated costs, backups of physical or virtual machines can be transferred and replicated to’s data centers. Low bandwidth connections are sufficient for running data backup and transmission is fully encrypted (SSL).’s data center ensures maximum data security through cutting-edge technologies and secure infrastructure. Data backup to an external location and disaster recovery for Veeam customers have never been easier or faster.

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Benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect at

Secure backup location

Maintaining backups in cloud environments located in our data centers is a guarantee of the highest security.

Wysoka jakość infrastruktury IT

High-quality IT infrastructure uses only market-leading hardware to ensure top performance and minimize failures. We use HPE, Dell, Intel, and Pure Storage solutions to build cloud environments that maintain customer backups. You can rest assured that your backups are maintained on the best infrastructure available on the market.

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Speed of the service launch

You can start hosting backups in one of the most secure data centers in the European Union in just a few minutes. Veeam’s dashboard provides direct access to the service.

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Cost and time savings

In addition to increasing security standards, maintaining backups at eliminates the need to purchase new infrastructure or invest in building a backup location apart from the primary site. Rapid resource deployment saves the IT department time, which they can use to complete other tasks.


Virtual DRC

A full or partial (on selected machine replicas only) failover to a remote location is available within Veeam Cloud Connect in just a few clicks. You can easily build a Disaster Recovery Center in for your resources with Veeam Cloud Connect.

Service transparency

Complete visibility and control over the backups are guaranteed directly from the operator’s console. Also, you can receive notifications of renewal dates and track the use of repositories.

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Data confidentiality

We encrypt all data transmitted at the source (before it leaves the customer’s premises) and during transfer and storage at Data Centers. We do so without adversely affecting built-in WAN acceleration and data compression functions.

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No need to set up a dedicated link

We use the latest deduplication techniques to send unique data. As a result, backups can be performed over today’s standard Internet connections.

Certified Veeam Partner

Our team has years of experience in maintaining backup environments using Veeam technology.

Veeam CSP Gold partner

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