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VMware Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Backup environment for the VMware cloud at some of the most secure data centers in the EU

What is VMware DRaaS?

VMware Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) enables the quick creation of secure backup environments (DRC) for a VMware virtualization-based cloud. The service involves the automatic replication of data from a primary center to the cloud maintained at Beyond.pl data processing centers according to an agreed RPO (Recovery Point Objective). In case of a failure of the primary environment, the DRC environment maintained at the Beyond.pl data centers takes over the functionalities of the primary environment within a specified time limit (RTO – Recovery Time Objective).

VMware-DRaaS EN | Beyond.pl


Wirtualizacja | Beyond.pl

Dedicated DRaaS for VMware environments
Proven DRaaS tailored to the needs of companies using VMware virtualization technologies from a certified provider.

Ciągłość działania | Beyond.pl

Business continuity
A tool that guarantees—in a quick and straightforward way—the business continuity of key systems maintained in the cloud.

The most secure DRC center
Physical and infrastructural security of the backup center is critical in order to meet the DR standards. The Beyond.pl data center facilities are counted among the most secure data centers in Poland and the EU (Rated 4 ANSI/TIA-942 certification for Data Center 2).

Ograniczenie kosztów | Beyond.pl

Cost savings
DRC startup at a professional data processing center without the need to invest in one’s own backup environment infrastructure. Switching from the CAPEX to the OPEX model.

Szybkie uruchomienie | Beyond.pl

Quick startup
Launching the service directly from the VMware Cloud Director panel and the quick signature of a contract with Beyond.pl.

Elastyczność | Beyond.pl

Ease of use and transparent management
The intuitive VMware Cloud Director panel enables the client to easily manage the service. It guarantees easy switching to the backup center in case of failure, as well as returning to the primary center.

VMware chmura | Beyond.pl

VMware cloud certified provider
The service is maintained by a certified VMware partner who has a dedicated team of engineers responsible for maintenance and support.

Local support | Beyond.pl

Local support 24/7/365
We provide technical support from certified IT architects and administrators as well as a Service Desk team—in a 24/7/365 model.

How does the VMware DRaaS work?


Selection of replication parameters: the maximum number of snapshots, RPO, RTO, and other business and functional requirements that are significant in relation to the client’s Disaster Recovery procedures.


Preparation of a backup environment (DRC) at the data processing centers on the basis of consultation between the client’s technical teams and Beyond.pl experts from the network infrastructure and VMware teams.


VMware DRaaS startup as a backup environment in stand-by mode. In this case, continuous data replication from the primary environment to the DRC at Beyond.pl is performed—only the storage space needed for the replication is used. The computing power (virtual machines) is not activated, but the resources it would need are reserved.


Failover, or switchover, takes place in the case of a problem at the primary center or DRP testing. In this mode, the client uses both the storage space and the computing power. Switching to the backup environment (failover) can be initialized manually (by the client or by the Beyond.pl team at the client’s request) at any time. As part of the service, it is also possible to build a network architecture that enables automatic switching to the DRC in case the primary center is unavailable. Machines in the backup environment start up automatically in such a situation.


The decision to return to the production environment and restore the stand-by mode on the backup environment rests with the client.

VMware DRaaS architecture

Depending on the current state of play and the client’s needs, the service is available in 2 variants:

  • using two Beyond.pl data centers connected by a private fiber optic ring—one as a primary center, and the other as a backup center;
  • • using the existing primary environment located at the headquarters of the client’s company or another data center, and the Beyond.pl data processing center as a backup center (DRC).

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