Statement on readiness to provide data center and cloud services during a time of war in Ukraine statement on readiness to provide data center and cloud services during a time of war in Ukraine

A conflict of war is happening in the territory of Ukraine, which directly increases the global and European security threat on many levels. From a cybersecurity perspective, a significant increase in the number of attacks is already visible. As we are trying to do our best to ensure that the existing risk is reduced to a minimum. However, we recommend that each of our customers verifies their security policies and business continuity procedures, especially in areas that are not supported by in order to ensure the highest level of security for their respective IT services.

In connection with the introduction of the CHARLIE-CRP level, Administrators have been placed on duty 24/7 and are supported by the CSIRT (Security) team. A task force has also been activated, consisting of key employees, including the entire Management Board, which monitors the situation 24/7 and is empowered to take immediate decisions as will be required in a given situation. We are conducting multiple activities to monitor and identify suspicious movements registered within the organization’s network. Security indicators are monitored on an ongoing basis in order to eliminate potential threats that could directly affect our Clients‘ resources.

We are also continuously proactively acting to identify and address potential new risks that may arise. We have terminated all of our contracts and ended cooperation with all suppliers and customers that have their headquarters in Russia or Belarus. Currently, we have no active IT infrastructure from entities operating in sanctioned countries on the premises.

Globally, connectivity services remain at risk. We would like to remind you that since commissioning, is a carrier-neutral facility and we cooperate with a significant number of telco providers, including global Tier 1, regional, and national connectivity providers. In the event of potential failures on individual operator infrastructure, we are capable of efficiently mobilizing services from alternative providers. If as a customer, you identify that you work only with one connectivity provider, we recommend for you assess whether you could minimize your exposure to the risk of failure by increasing the number of carriers with which you have business cooperation. We can help with this.

From an energy standpoint, we are fully protected. We would like to remind you that our facilities are world-class data centers prepared for situations in case of a disruption of power supply. Data Center 2 has a Rated 4 ANSI/TIA-942 Certification, which implies that the data center facility power sources are fully redundant (2 independent power lines) and emergency lines are also fully redundant (2 emergency circuits).

In case of a potential blackout, our facilities (DC1 and DC2) are prepared to source an emergency power supply from diesel fuel. Please note that we permanently store fuel directly at our facilities in a quantum that allows us to provide an uninterrupted power supply for more than 3 days. In addition, we have contracts with independent fuel suppliers who ensure that the fuel tanks are refilled within a maximum of 24 hours of an order being placed. Our suppliers cooperate with us in a 24/7/365 model, and in case of default, they are charged with financial penalties. We are constantly monitoring the situation on the fuel market and taking into account our logistics preparation, we currently do not see any threat to supply.

As communicated in our official statement on 25 February 2022, as an organization, we continue to provide support to Ukraine in time of conflict. Additionally, we support our clients’ undertaking relief efforts to support Ukraine and are open to joining you in case of any requirement for example by providing data center or cloud services free of charge.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at +61 667 48 90 or email us at