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What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is an audit procedure that results in a report detailing how your service provider manages your entrusted data.

SOC 2 covers of two reports:

  • Type 1 – describes the information security management system and assesses its relevance against standard checkpoints.
  • Type 2 – assesses whether the information security management system actually works (describing evidence how security measures work for a specific period of time, minimum 6 moths).

What Organisations are SOC2 Standards for?

Service and Organization Controls 2 is an independent opinion about the standards at Data Center, your current or future service provider. It is not mandatory to evaluate procedures and processes but as a Data Center, we want to provide data center services at the highest level and confirmed to our customers through the positive opinion of independent experts.

SOC 2 standards apply to companies and organisations that process any type of sensitive customer data. Examples of such operations are:

  • financial services
  • banks and financial institutions
  • insurance companies
  • sales and retail businesses
  • wholesale
  • online stores and ecommerce websites
  • production companies
  • SaaS services

SOC 2 Requirements

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