becoming a partner of the Let’s Manage IT series

Let’s Manage IT Night is a series of events for IT managers, who believe that technical knowledge is essential but not sufficient for the operational effectiveness of an IT organization. The goal is to encourage the local society to exchange its participants’ experiences, getting to know each other and their organizations. This year, the first event featuring took place on the 13th of February in Gdańsk.

One of the three speakers was our expert – Maciej Madziała – the IT Solutions Architect. His presentation’s title was: “Business Continuity Management in data centers which are dedicated to virtualized IT environments”. During his speech he  explained the elements which influence the consistent performance of an enterprise such as: risk assessment, incidents reactions, human factor, redundant infrastructure solutions in a data center and standardization of data centers operations.

– Business continuity is one of the most popular topics for IT managers, because in the event of loosing access to data, one needs to deal not only with financial losses but also with a damaged reputation. That is why cloud computing is becoming a more and more popular solution as it ensures the increase of resources in the case of an urgent demand – explained the Vice President of Bartłomiej Danek.

Let’s Manage IT Foundation is the organizer of this series of events which main message is: “Join. Share. Get inspired”. Thanks to this initiative already 40 events for more than 1500 IT professionals have taken place so far. The upcoming event has been planned for the 28th of February in Cracow – and will also be featured by