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What is the IT Infrastructure Monitoring service?

Corporate IT environments are structures, whose  complexity and distribution increase. The more complex the IT infrastructure, the more probable the risk of failure. One can even assume that the occurrence of a failure is a matter of time. In such  a situation, it is necessary to observe the company’s IT environment continuously to detect incidents quickly. Early response to deviations is the most effective method of ensuring business continuity and avoiding costly interruptions to company resources.

IT Systems and Services Monitoring is a monitoring of a company’s IT infrastructure provided 24/7 by a dedicated team of specialists.

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The service can cover the entire or a part of the company`s IT environment. In case a failure is detected, our specialists, depending on the selected service variant, inform the client about the incident or classify, record and transmit the information to the client in an agreed form.

IT infrastructure monitoring service can be extended with advanced Managed Services (network, operating system, or database), in which we provide diagnosis and incident resolution.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring – discover the service benefits

Improvement of operation continuity and availability of the IT Environment

The availability of your IT environment is improved, based on the rapid, SLA-guaranteed response of the team. Efficient detection of failures minimizes the risk of long-term loss of business continuity and potential losses, both financial and reputational.

Round-the-clock monitoring (24/7)

Monitoring of a company's IT environment is independent of the work mode, leaves or availability of the competences in internal IT teams. The service outsourcing allows you to observe your IT infrastructure continuously 365 days a year.

Immediate and adequate response to incidents

In the event of a failure, the team identifies and assigns the incident to the strategic and responsible people in the area, involving only the most necessary resources.

Flexible service scope

The choice of the service scope is up to the customer - from simple devices (edge router, simple switch, basic service, basic website), medium-complex ones (router, switch, webserver, virtual server, storage), to complex environments (central hub, core switch or Linux/Windows system).

Scalability and cost predictability

The price of the service and it`s scope are specified in the contract, as are the SLA terms and contractual penalties. This guarantees predictability and transparency of the costs in the company's IT budget.

Variant service

We offer monitoring with notifications (to customer-defined email addresses) or a broader option - notifications with an alert service (support for, among other things, filtering and prioritization of events, preparation of incident reports and telephone notification of events).

Minimization of internal costs

Employer costs related to absences, leaves, recruitment and training of the monitoring team are borne by

Local support |

Reducing the workload of the customer`s IT teams

Transfer of the system and IT services monitoring to allows for shifting internal IT teams to projects of strategic nature.

IT Systems and Services Monitoring service scope:

  • Remote monitoring of your IT environment in various layers, such as the operating system, database, network, or technical infrastructure;
  • 24×7 support provided by a specialized team;
  • Monitoring system with configuration and maintenance (shared or stand-alone);
  • Monthly report of the incidents, performance, and service availability and forwarded events;
  • Optional access to a panel with visualization of the monitoring performance.

Why choose IT Systems and Services Monitoring at

Professional team of specialists

The competence of teams providing the services from the Managed Services portfolio is confirmed by numerous partner statuses and certificates.

Experience in Managed Services area

For over 15 years, we have provided clients with IT infrastructure monitoring services, including support in managing IT environments in all critical layers: hardware, virtualization, systems and networks. We have experience serving organizations from among a wide variety of industries.

Access to professional complementary services

During the cooperation you can increase the scope of Managed Services, including backup (BaaS), or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). In addition, we offer comprehensive IT infrastructure services - colocation in our certified data centers, cloud (private, public, sovereign, multi-cloud) and hybrid models combining the models stated above.

ograniczenie śladu węglowego

Cooperation with a sustainable IT service provider is an IT service provider that takes active steps towards a sustainable business model.'s data centers are the first facilities in Poland and in the region powered by 100% renewable energy. They are characterized by high energy efficiency, i.e., consume less energy than the competing data centers (PUE of 1,2 for Data Center 2). actively contributes to all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Top-quality technologies and tools has long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Intel, HPE, Dell Technologies, Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Megaport, Cisco, Fortigate, and Juniper. We provide services based on proven and best-in-class providers and vendors.

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