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Poland: #digitalvalley & the Heart of Central Europe

At the beginning of 2020 two major Hyperscale players announced spectacular investment projects in Poland. Microsoft declared a USD 1 billion digital investment in the public cloud over the next 10 years. Later on, Google revealed its largest investment ever in Polish business. Investment up to USD 2 billion in a data center to support its global cloud services in Poland.

Poland has been seen as the best entry point to CEE region for many years. Currently, however, we are also named as #digitalvalley – technological hot spot in the CE region.

Check our summary to find out why global enterprises enter CEE market via Poland.


Summary about Poland

Poland in a Nutshell

  • population of Poland is 38 mln and 37% of the CEE region
  • according to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Competitiveness Index Poland is ranked as 35th and ranked as the most competitive IT location of all 23 countries of CEE region   
  • Polish ICT community accounts for nearly 36% of the entire ICT population in the CEE region being 1st  in CEE region and 5th in EU
  • according to McKinsey’s review of the “digital challengers”, Poland’s digital economy grew by 6.2% from 2019 to 2020, which is almost twice that of the big five European countries of Central Europe
  • over the last 25 years, Polish economy doubled in size, as measured in terms of real GDP
  • Poland was the only country in the European Union to avoid recession during the financial crisis of 2008
  • overall value of business services exports in 2020 was estimated at USD 22.9 bilion
  • the only Data Centre with Rated 4 certification in the Central Europe is located in Poland

Which city in Poland is the best entry gate? We proudly present Poznań.


Summary about city of Poznań

Poznań Metropolitan Area in a Nutshell

  • strategically located in the center of Poland – halfway between Warsaw and Berlin (300 km both ways and only 3 hour easy drive by car)
  • excellent infrastructure including an international airport with direct flights to Frankfurt (1.15 hours), Munich (1.20 hours), London (1.15 hours), Copenhagen (1.25 hours), Warsaw (55 minutes) and other major destinations such as Rome, Oslo
  • ranked as one of the top ten technology cities in EMEA by CBRE in 2018
  • hub of innovation receiving considerable Foreign Direct Investment, from companies such as Microsoft, who have invested in a R&D lab in the city. Approximately 9 thousand companies from the ICT sector are running operations in Poznań
  • population of more than 1 million with 110 thousand students with a yearly graduation rate exceeding 30 thousand
  • 22 thousand developers living and working in Poznań
  • Poznań is one the largest software centers in Poland with over 10 thousand ICT professionals
  • low latency possibilities: Warsaw 4ms, Berlin 4ms, Frankfurt 10ms, Amsterdam 16ms, London 24ms, Paris 36 ms
  • In TOP5 the most important Service Centres in Poland with 120 SSC in 2021 with foreign investors such as GSK, IKEA, Arvato, Sii, Roche.

That is why our multi-tier Data Center campus is located in Poznań. Find out more about Data Centers: Data Center 1

Floor space 800 m2. ul. Półwiejska 42, Poznań

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Floor space 12 000 m2. ul. A.Kręglewskiego 11, Poznań

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