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Stable and scalable green cloud computing. Highest security at an affordable price.

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What is e24cloud?

The e24cloud is an on-demand infrastructure service (IaaS) built by Beyond.pl experts and maintained in data centers with the highest security standards on the Polish market (Data Center 1 and Data Center 2 by Beyond.pl). This is the first green cloud solution in Poland. The service has been available on the market and developed continuously for over 10 years.

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Who is e24cloud for?

e24cloud is designed for companies that need a stable, secure and scalable infrastructure combined with a very affordable price and flexible financing model. Industries using e24cloud include: e-commerce, media and communication, medicine and healthcare, finance, IT (software houses, integrators), start-ups, marketing agencies, professional services.

It is used to maintain:

  • ERP class systems,
  • back-office applications CRM, HCM,
  • marketing automation,
  • proprietary solutions,
  • mobile applications,
  • e-commerce platforms.

The services of e24cloud are used by companies with a few employees as well as medium-sized enterprises with several hundred employees.

Why choose e24cloud?


The infrastructure on which e24cloud clients' solutions are maintained is located in Beyond.pl data centers which are among the most secure data centers in Poland and EU (ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 and EN 50600 Class 4 certification for Data Center 2). Additionally, we operate in accordance with ISO 27001 standards.

Affordable price

We created a cloud tailored to the financial capabilities of enterprises without losing quality and security. e24cloud is not dependent on third-party price lists, so we offer attractive pricing terms and do not surprise with sudden increases.

Reducing the carbon footprint

The e24cloud platform is maintained in data centers powered by 100% renewable energy, which are among the most energy efficient facilities in Poland. By maintaining corporate resources in e24cloud you significantly reduce the negative impact of your IT infrastructure by reducing its carbon footprint.

A wide range of functionalities

e24cloud contains a comprehensive package of services that allows you to comprehensively maintain and manage corporate IT infrastructure, from websites to e-commerce platforms. Core functionalities of e24cloud are supported by additional solutions, so you can decide what services you want to use.

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High-quality infrastructure

Using e24cloud you are guaranteed that your applications and systems are maintained on modern and efficient hardware of market leaders: HPE (GreenLake), Dell and Intel, which minimizes failures and potential service unavailability.

Elastyczność | Beyond.pl

Transparent management and ease of use

In e24cloud standard you get access to the intuitive my.beyond.pl platform. The panel provides easy management and control of services within e24cloud. Starting a virtual server with any parameters is possible with a few clicks in just a few minutes. You can extend the service, order a new one or check your invoices in less than 30 seconds. We respect your time!

Openness to integration

The e24cloud is a flexible solution that can be quickly and easily integrated into your own infrastructure or third party solutions. With the networking features available as standard of the solution, you can build a dedicated hybrid environment combining on-premise infrastructure with e24cloud or a multi-cloud model where e24cloud is connected to Azure, Google, AWS or third-party cloud platforms. Any of your scenarios will be catered for

Local support | Beyond.pl

24/7/365 local support

Help Desk and e24cloud teams continuously support customers in their work with the cloud from the business and technical side. We provide customer support in Polish and English. Additionally you have access to other infrastructure and managed services delivered by Beyond.pl such as DDoS protection, Security services or BaaS (Backup as a Service).

Flexible billing models Decide for yourself which billing model you prefer - we offer a classic contract or pre-paid model. e24cloud is a great alternative to global cloud platforms - the choice is yours.

Local data processing
By choosing e24cloud, you can rest assured that your data is safely stored in Poland, in accordance with EU guidelines, as well as with those established by the Personal Data Protection Office and specified in the General Data Protection Regulation.

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The scope of e24cloud features

Key services available within e24cloud:

Virtual servers (compute)

  • Instances on-demand – resources available in the on-demand model maintained on shared resources (public cloud);
  • reserved instances – dedicated resources with guaranteed availability maintained on shared resources. The reservation unit is 1vCPU and 4GB RAM. The price of resources within the reserved instances is significantly lower than on-demand resources.
  • Dedicated instances – dedicated VMs on a separate infrastructure (private cloud) – customer resources are physically isolated from other customers.


  • SSD Basic – a cost-effective solution, dedicated to drives with a required short access time, allowing for 5 times the base performance during periods of increased traffic, up to 30 minutes at a time.
  • SDD Performance – A performance and security solution designed for most applications in terms of both sequential transfer values and number of operations per second. The size of a single hard drive can range from 10GB to 2TB. Storage available for shared (public) and private cloud.
  • HDD – a solution providing cheap storage for large amounts of rarely modified and used data, such as backup or logs. The size of a single hard drive can range from 500GB to 5TB. Storage available for shared (public) and private cloud.
  • NVME – disk space to support solutions requiring the highest performance. Local storage, bypassing the virtualization layer (lowest data access time), in a private cloud for dedicated client machines.

Recovery Points

  • The service allows you to perform a disk image (backup) at a specific point in time. As a result, you can restore the contents of the original disc to the point in time when the restore point was made (rollback) or make a new disc whose contents will be a copy of the restore point (cloning).


  • “File storage” service (storage) that allows you to store an unlimited number of different types of data on an Internet disk and exchange them between applications or web services (Storage as a Service). Files in this service are stored in 3 copies, which guarantees their security, and the service is often used for backup purposes. The solution is available in several variants: object storage, distributed (block) storage, archive storage. The e24files service is compatible with AWS S3 and Swift.

Network services

  • Firewall – a service that enables defining your own rules of filtering network traffic.
  • Virtual Data Center – Virtual Data Center is a service consisting in creation of isolated subnetworks within which Virtual Servers and other network services can be run.
  • Private Networks – a service enabling creation of virtual and private network connections within the customer’s infrastructure.
  • Load Balancer as a Service – a service that distributes client traffic evenly among application servers, ensuring availability of your application in the network.
  • VPN as a Service – a service that allows you to set up encrypted connections between the e24cloud and your location.
  • SR-IOV- a service that provides faster communication with the selected VM.

Other services available at Beyond.pl

Models of using e24cloud

e24cloud means freedom of choice also around the form of cooperation. We leave it up to you to decide the preferred scenario of using e24cloud.

A fixed, monthly, contractually specified (fix fee) subscription plus any overage fees.

  • a 12-month contract as a minimum
  • minimum purchase unit: PLN 500.00 per month
  • individual pricing of services, including price discounts
  • a public cloud maintained on shared resources with a guarantee of dedicated infrastructure availability
  • SLA: 99.9%

A fixed, monthly, contractually specified (fix fee) subscription plus any overage fees.

  • a 12-month contract as a minimum
  • minimum purchase unit: 1500 PLN/month
  • individual pricing of services including price discounts
  • cloud in private model

Infrastructure dedicated exclusively to customer needs:

  • customization of configuration according to customer requirements – e24cloud team support
  • SLA: 99,9%
  • cloud without a contract – you use e24cloud based on the funds available in your account. You can end the cooperation with us whenever you want;
  • pay as you go – you pay only for the resources you use and not a penny more;
  • public cloud – your infrastructure is maintained on shared resources;
  • SLA: 99.98%

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