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Effective protection of online business from DDos attacks.

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What are a DDoS attack and anti-DDoS protection?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is designed to block an organization’s IT connectivity partially or completely, disrupting online business continuity. During a DDoS attack, network connections and devices are flooded with multiple requests, overloading the network system, and making the company’s service unavailable. The attack is usually carried out by a network of infected computers (known as a botnet) controlled by the attacker. The consequence for the attacked company is the interruption of online operations, which causes both financial and image losses.

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How does protection against DDoS attack work?

Anti-DDoS protection is a security measure that monitors and verifies the Internet traffic coming to a client’s link and eliminates the unwanted portion of the traffic that could make the service or service unavailable.

7 layers of the OSI Model
7 layers of the OSI model – click to open

As part of the service, all traffic entering the protected network passes through scrubbing centers that are constantly monitored for potential threats. The anti-DDoS service is delivered continuously 24x7x365 through our partners’ distributed infrastructure. The protection solutions are designed and implemented to protect the customer’s network against attacks in excess of 100Gb.


DDoS attacks are constantly evolving, so the solutions we use are enhanced on an ongoing basis to be able to effectively stop dozens of attack types at all the layers of the OSI model used for the attack: third, fourth and seventh, and adaptively adjust to new types of attacks.


Benefits of anti-DDoS protection at Beyond.pl

Protection effectiveness

We perform a diagnosis of your needs so that the offered anti-DDoS solution provides the optimal scope of protection. Beyond.pl always uses protection based on an external distributed infrastructure, which, unlike on-premise solutions, ensures 100% effectiveness. The technical solution includes 24x7x365 monitoring by the Security Operation Center (SOC) as standard.

Business availability guarantee

The anti-DDos protection service is provided on a 24x7x365 basis. This protects your online business from unavailability of services to customers, potential financial losses and image damage.

Protection invisible to end users

The anti-DDoS service has no impact on the end customer experience. Fast traffic transfer and effective verification of unwanted traffic guarantee a seamless customer experience with your online business.

Comprehensive and flexible IT support

You don’t need to tie up your company’s IT resources to run anti-DDoS protection. Beyond.pl provides a comprehensive service – proven technology, a configured solution, and administration by qualified IT engineers.

The most common questions about the anti-DDoS service

What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a type of cyber-attack designed to block access to a specific service or website by flooding it with excessive network traffic from many different sources. DDoS attacks are carried out by groups of hackers who use infected computers (called bots) to generate malicious network traffic directed at one or more targeted IP addresses.

How to recognize a DDoS attack?

A DDoS attack can be detected by reports of temporary unavailability or errors in corporate IT systems on the Internet. There may be other symptoms that indicate a DDoS attack, such as a decrease in network and server performance, an unstable environment, or an increase in the number of network errors. A definitive diagnosis of a DDoS attack can be made by monitoring and reviewing service and network traffic logs, and (optionally) verifying data with system vendors and Internet providers.

How often do DDoS attacks occur?

A DDoS attack is one of the most common threats to organizations on the Internet. The number of attacks is increasing every year. Worldwide, there are more than one million DDoS attacks per month, or tens of thousands of daily incidents. Due to their geopolitical location, Polish companies and institutions are at the forefront of attack targets, with several thousand daily attacks. Whether an organization becomes a direct or indirect victim of such an attack is an individual and unpredictable matter.

Who should be protected against DDoS attacks?

DDoS protection should be considered by any organization with services or websites that are continuously accessible to online users. DDoS attacks can have serious consequences for business continuity, such as loss of revenue, damage to reputation, or impaired access to services. In addition, a DDoS attack is often used as a cover for other cyber-attacks, such as industrial espionage or ransomware.

What industries are most vulnerable to DDoS attacks?

Organizations operating in the following industries are particularly vulnerable to DDoS attacks:

  • e-commerce,
  • gaming,
  • financial,
  • public sector,
  • education,
  • medical.

It is important to remember that even small and medium-sized businesses can be targeted by DDoS attacks, so every organization should consider securing its network infrastructure against such attacks.

What is the impact of a successful DDoS attack?

The impact of a successful DDoS attack can vary, depending on the scale and sophistication of the attack, as well as the security level of the IT infrastructure. Examples of the impact of DDoS attacks include:

  • inability to access services or websites,
  • loss of revenue,
  • loss of customer confidence, resulting in damage to the company’s reputation,
  • loss of data, especially if the attack is combined with other types of attacks.

Can a firewall protect against DDoS attacks?

A firewall, a system that protects a network from unauthorized access, can only protect against DDoS attacks in the case of so-called small DDoS attacks (those that do not overload devices and links on the way to the firewall or itself). In this respect, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a more effective device, but one that is not immune to volumetric attacks at Layer 3-4 of the OSI model. No firewall alone can effectively protect against this type of threat.

A firewall filters network traffic by controlling which data packets can pass through the network. However, it cannot effectively block traffic generated by many thousands of bots, as is the case in a DDoS attack. In addition, the firewall system is ineffective against attacks that ultimately block the Internet connection, because anti-DDoS protection must be implemented in front of a device in the attacked organization’s infrastructure.

How can you effectively defend against DDoS attacks?

The key feature of an attack is its size, which generally exceeds the capabilities of the infrastructure under attack, and often the ISP’s protection capabilities. Therefore, for DDoS protection to be adequate, it must be provided from the outside (closer to the source of the attack) and in a distributed cloud infrastructure. The Beyond.pl’s anti-DDoS service offers such a solution. You should also pay attention to the response time to the attack (Time-To-Mitigate), which in the case of protection based on a distributed cloud environment, is much faster and more accurate than the response taken based on your own network monitoring.

How quickly can Beyond.pl’s anti-DDoS protection service be activated?

Beyond.pl anti-DDoS protection can be activated within a few hours. However, please keep in mind that to be effective, the service needs time to learn the peculiarities of link usage to distinguish between normal (desired) traffic and an attack. This process can take several weeks. It is important to carefully analyze your network’s needs and choose the right solution that is both effective and easy to deploy. The Beyond.pl team can help you choose the optimal solution for your business needs.

What guarantee do I have that my server will be protected from a DDoS attack?

The nature of DDoS attacks means that no one can provide 100% protection. At Beyond.pl, we use safeguards that are constantly updated to detect and filter all new types and methods of attacks. In addition, the system’s operation is monitored 24×7 by a team of SOC (Security Operation Center) specialists, who can react to an unusual attack even if the system does not detect it on its own. This minimizes the risk of a successful attack.

Does the anti-DDoS service offered by Beyond.pl include SOC (Security Operation Center) support?

Yes, the anti-DDoS service offered by Beyond.pl includes support from SOC experts. They work 24×7, monitoring and responding to security incidents such as DDoS attacks. This is especially important in the case of new, unclassified types of attacks, which evade the characteristics to which automatic mechanisms are sensitive.

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