Smart Hands with Microsoft HoloLens 2.0

Complex services of infrastructure management accessed remotely with Microsoft Augmented Reality technology. To fully take care of your IT and save you time and money.

Manage your IT infrastructure with our technical team and be assisted with a full scope of managed services.

Engage remotely in real-time, 24/7, to increase the efficiency relating to troubleshooting resolutions.

Now from the very comfort of your desk, or holiday destination, you can connect to our Smart Hands team with a click of a button 24/7 and carry a live session utilizing the Hololens 2.0 technology to check up on your infrastructure that you have entrusted us with.

Whether you wish to see how your infrastructure is maintained or you would like to take part in a specific troubleshooting resolution activity and guide or accompany our employees virtually, we make it possible. And if such tasks require the participation of a greater team, including your vendors or partners, which may be dispersed globally – we make it all possible virtually. And we ensure full transparency throughout while providing our services to you.

Significantly optimize your travel costs and time historically allocated to the management of the infrastructure to ensure that your resources are allocated to tasks that are value additive and that your infrastructure is continuously available to meet your business requirements. Bring the most secure data center in Cenral Europe to your laptop or mobile device!

You see what we see.
Your hands become our hands in two-way live communication. is the first data center in Poland to deploy Microsoft’s HoloLens 2.0 technology to provide better services to our customers. Microsoft HoloLens 2.0 Glasses operate in augmented reality, combining the digital with the real world, allowing you to cross the physical environment with digital data.

Microsoft’s technology provides remote access to your IT infrastructure collocated in and the Smart Hands team during maintenance procedures, allowing you to increase the efficiency relating to troubleshooting by decreasing the time required and cost associated with resolution.

Using the HoloLens 2.0 technology together with our Smart Hands improves speed, efficiency, and documentation of performed work, concurrently allowing you to experience the equipment and tasks virtually. With encrypted communication and restricted access, your connection with Smart Hands is assured, secure, and efficient.

Live Smart Hands communication

Now you can engage live with our technician while performing a service in real time.

Infrastruktura |

Send and edit files on demand

Guide your dedicated Smart Hands service technician with schemes, photos, or plans directly uploaded onto the Microsoft HoloLens Glasses and modify them if the situation needs it.

Do not miss anything

The HoloLens 2.0 technology allows you to capture and exchange 2D/3D pictures, drawings, or scans.

Secured connection

Your remote supervision is protected by SSL encryption, with database access only via application authentications and has one external entry point.’s Smart Hands Solutions and Service Level Agreement

Working 24/7/365 with SLA’s up to 99.9999%. Data Center 2 is the only facility in the European Union with the highest level of security, as confirmed by two independent bodies: ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 and EN 50600 Class 4.

From lift and shift to rack and stack and application provisioning the installation of equipment from physical to physical or physical to virtual can be managed by’s Smart Hands Team.

Changing market conditions caused by both internal or external drivers can significantly alter normality. And IT is not immune to this. can help you flex storage, CPU, and network capacity to meet your business needs.

If you are not sure where to start or what type of solution you require,’s Smart Hands Team can provide presales and consulting services to scope and configure bare metal, Hybrid or multi cloud solutions. And we know one size does definitely not fit all.

Local support |

We all know IT can go wrong. The quality of the service partner is proven, once there is an issue. is on call 24/7 with access to a full-time team of over 30 specialists on stand-by to assist night and day.

A new meaning of fully secured remote hands services with
Microsoft HoloLens 2.0 functionalities.

  • One external entry point (HTTPS)
  • Database access only via application
  • Communication encrypted with SSL
  • Application authentication:
    • authorization based on JWT tokens with adjustable session time
    • socket authentication based on short-lived tokens
    • file access based on short-lived URLs.
  • Smart Hands services are dedicated to the colocation offer and are functional 24/7/365. Send and edit your files on-demand directly to the technicians’ field of view.
  • Smart Hands services are operational within the Poznan, Poland Data Center Campus with our first in the European Union and the only one in Central Europe certified Rated 4 ANSI/TIA- 942 Data Center 2 and’s Data Center 1 location.
  • The services are available within our facilities with ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type1,
    SOC 2 Type2 and PCI DSS certifications.

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