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What is Megaport Cloud Connect?

We are living in the hybrid infrastructure era. Businesses rely increasingly on a hybrid architecture of on-premises IT equipment, data center services, and private and global cloud services. Connecting all the “nodes” and keeping the network cost-efficient and secure can be challenging. How do you ensure it performs at a level that improves your business? Through our partnership with Megaport, our customers no longer need to invest in expensive physical networks to get the private, secure, high-performance networking they demand.

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Cloud Connect provides the flexibility to move workloads between physical infrastructure at Data Centers to an array of cloud providers. The direct, private connection based on the Megaport platform provides increased security for transferring business-critical data.

More than 360 cloud and SaaS providers are now directly accessible to’s customers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Nutanix, Alibaba Cloud, and Salesforce, and 760+ data centers with minimal latency and using any configuration possible (multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and cloud to cloud). With cloud connect, you can improve business agility, reduce overall costs, and gain greater control over your data with private, secure, and scalable networking.

You can now access:

  • 360+
    service providers

  • 230+
    cloud on-ramps

  • All the major
    cloud providers

  • 100+
    Cloud Regions

  • 760+
    enabled data centers


Top Cloud Connect solution

Megaport is an industry-leading Network as a Service (NaaS) platform. Over 2000 companies use Megaport to deploy a global, high-availability network, including Adobe, Zoom, Tesla, FedEx, and Uber.

Multicloud ecosystem with global reach

Megaport partners with the world’s top cloud service providers and systems integrators, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Salesforce (360+), as well as the largest data center operators (760+) and managed service providers in the world.

Hybrid network at your fingertips

The easiest and the fastest way to build and scale up a company’s hybrid network. Forget traditional VPNs and connect to the world’s top cloud service providers and systems integrators through the Megaport platform directly from Data Centers.

Flexible bandwidth

Right-size your connectivity from the get-go and dial your bandwidth up and down any time. Adapt your connection speed to your workload by varying bandwidth between 10Mbps and 10Gbps.

Private connectivity for secure business

With Megaport, you can have dedicated connectivity on a globally distributed, market-leading SDN platform – outside of the public internet. The road your data takes to the cloud with Megaport is secure as it provides only direct, private peering.

Easy to deploy and manage

Build, deploy, and manage connectivity to multiple cloud providers across different regions – all in one place. Bring your network together and get better control over how you move data into public and private clouds.

We cover different cloud connect scenarios – pick yours:

Hybrid Cloud

Flexible and agile private connectivity from on-prem environments in Data Centers to public or private clouds without the risk of using the unpredictable, less secure public internet.


Seamlessly connect your environments in Data Centers across multiple cloud providers and regions with high-performance private connectivity and benefit from reduced cloud egress fees. Plus, handle cloud-to-cloud routing at the edge and avoid hairpinning back to your on-premises environment without needing physical infrastructure.

Cloud to Cloud

Use virtual routing to connect privately between clouds at Layer 3. Without needing to own or maintain physical infrastructure and equipment, you can simply and affordably build multi-cloud networks between regions.

Branch to Cloud

Turbocharge branch-to-cloud connectivity using Megaport’s global Software Defined Network (SDN) as the foundation for your SD-WAN. We can help improve security and network performance by reducing reliance on the public internet and lowering your cloud egress costs. is the first Polish
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