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What is the Managed Network service?

Managing network infrastructure in the era of on-demand and real-time access to data is one of the main tasks implemented by corporate IT teams today. Secure and stable network services are the foundation of a properly functioning IT infrastructure., as part of its Managed Services offering, offers customers the chance to take over these processes. We provide professional support in managing and monitoring networks while maintaining complete control of the Customer over the company’s IT environment.

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Managed Network is a professional service for monitoring and managing the company’s network, including technical support, integration of on-premises and cloud solutions, monitoring, and 24/7 support of network devices and operator links failures.The primary goal of launching Managed Network at is to improve the quality and stability of the network infrastructure operations, reduce the impact of network unavailability, quickly manage incidents, and resolve unplanned network outages in accordance with the best market practices.

What are the benefits of outsourcing IT network administration at

Improved quality and stability of network infrastructure operations

Dedicated, outsourced technical support that monitors your network links and devices and responds to incidents according to the agreed SLA, guaranteeing a higher quality of service.

Business security

The service is provided non-stop. It is's responsibility to provide constant technical assistance in accordance with the contractually agreed standard and SLA, which minimizes failures.

Ograniczenie kosztów |

Reduction of costs associated with building network competence

All costs associated with managing a team of network administrators, i.e., absences, vacations, recruitment, training, are shifted to

Standardization of network management processes in the organization

Transferring the processes to a provider with experience in the implementation of Managed Network services allows for efficient professionalization of this area.


Predictability and transparency of network administration expenses

The range of the service and its price is defined in the contract. The business knows exactly the budget required to ensure professional network management, even with the changing requirements and scale.

Scalability of service

In case of an increased demand for the network service, the scope of the service can be quickly increased or modified.

Relieve the burden on in-house IT administration teams

Outsourcing network management and monitoring allows to reallocate the time of your in-house IT administration teams to other strategic projects.

Scope of the Managed Network services at

  • Remote monitoring of network links and devices implemented in a 24×7 mode;
  • Proactive technical assistance related to management of network devices;
  • Management of installations and updates of network devices;
  • Suggesting and implementing software patches for network devices;
  • Handling configuration changes to network devices;
  • Consultations on the development and adaptation of network solutions;
  • Troubleshooting network infrastructure issues;
  • Overseeing network security and mitigation of the risk;
  • Optional implementation of services or their parts at the Customer’s premises.

Why choose network management and monitoring at

Support by a team of certified network specialists's competence in the area of network technology support for business is confirmed by our partner statuses and certificates held by our engineers.

Access to specialized network competencies

In addition to the Managed Network service, we offer network services consulting (Managed Consulting)which includes network infrastructure audits and analysis or WAN/LAN optimization (network traffic management).

Many years of experience in the area of Managed Services

For more than 15 years, we have been ensuring continuity of our Customers’ businesses by monitoring and supporting them in the administration of IT environments in all necessary layers (hardware, virtualization, systems, networks etc.).

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Quick access to IT infrastructure services

At any time, the Customer has the opportunity to expand the Managed Network service to add other areas of IT infrastructure – from Disaster Recovery, BaaS to IT infrastructure maintenance services (colocation, cloud services).

ograniczenie śladu węglowego

Cooperation with a responsible IT service provider is a provider of sustainable IT services. We power our data centers with 100% renewable energy, consume less energy than competing centralized facilities due to high energy efficiency, implement heat-recovery projects, and our environmental policy is ISO 14001 compliant. We are committed to our corporate culture and providing the best working and development conditions for our employees.

ikona technologie

Vendor agnostic provider is not a single technology provider. We work with key global vendors such as Intel, HPE, Dell Technologies, Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Megaport, Cisco, Fortigate, Juniper. We are building internal competencies in the area of the available solutions, to build customized solutions for our customers.

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