Secure, local and legal storage and processing of data in the cloud the first Polish vendor in the VMware Sovereign Cloud program.

What is the Sovereign Cloud?

Data sovereignty is the processing of data exclusively within a single country. A sovereign cloud is a cloud service that allows organizations, including governments and companies in highly regulated industries, to securely store and process sensitive information in a manner governed by and compliant with the laws of the country in which it is located.

A Vanson Bourne report commissioned by VMware found that as many as 137 of the 194 countries analyzed worldwide have their own laws governing how data should be stored within their borders, and most of these laws are constantly changing. This is a big problem for businesses, especially large global organizations. Those that fail to comply with data autonomy rules often pay millions in fines and put their brand reputation at risk. Unsurprisingly, ensuring data sovereignty is a significant challenge for up to 95% of the organizations surveyed.

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Sovereign Cloud in’s Sovereign Cloud service combines a flexible cloud environment based on VMware technology and tools with the security of storing and processing sensitive data that individual sectors’ are to comply with, regulated by the state, EU, or industry requirements. Until now, these requirements could only be realized in one’s own environment.

The service is offered in a private cloud model. The customer’s systems and applications process data on dedicated computing hosts and storage solutions, achieving complete physical separation (including networking) from the data processed by other organizations.

Sovereign cloud environments are available in the’s data centers located in Poznań, connected by a redundant, dedicated, and secure private fiber-optic ring with the length of 11 km in one direction and 10 km in the other direction, which guarantees customers high availability of the service both between the centers and in each of the facilities individually.’s Data Center 2 is currently the most secure data center, the only one in the European Union with both EN 50600 Class 4 standard and ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certificate. Since the launch of the Poznan facility in 2016, its availability has been 100%. The Company’s standards also confirm the compliance of the services provided with international standards: ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2, ISO 14001.

The service is aimed at entities that are looking for full data processing security, a guarantee of local data storage, and meeting regulatory requirements regardless of the market sector in which they operate. The Sovereign Cloud meets the requirements for companies operating in regulated sectors, including public, financial, healthcare and fintech.

Benefits of's Sovereign Cloud

Control of Jurisdiction and Data Sovereignty

In the sovereign cloud model, the Customer has a guarantee that every data and all operations (processed and stored) are carried out on the territory of Poland - in‘s data centers. The Customer and supervisory institutions (with the Customer's consent) have the right to control the used infrastructure.

Data Integrity and Access

Sovereign cloud environments are available in's data centers located in Poznań, connected by a redundant, dedicated, and secure private fiber optic ring of 11 km in length in one direction and 10 km in the other, which guarantees high availability of the service to customer, both between centers and in each facility individually.

Compliance with Regulations the Company is Subject to

Cloud environment includes configured certified information security management policies based on regional standards and regulations. provides the customer with documentation for audits and certification purposes.

Independence and Data Migration Capability

VMware virtualization technologies in the sovereign cloud provide migration capability and independence of applications from the environment. With full support for modern application architectures, it is also a safeguard against vendor-lock-in situations.

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Transparency and Access Control

A fundamental principle of the sovereign cloud is the providers' default lack of access to data in these environments. Customer-ordered administrative access to settings with sensitive customer data is only possible under conditions specified by the customer and is subject to restrictive logging of activities and auditing.

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Support Location Control

Technical support is provided by authorized staff. The second line of technical support provided by VMware to is provided by authorised personnel and is located in the European Union.


The highest standard of data protection and built-in security controls are confirmed by's certifications, including ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2.

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Market-Proven Technology's Sovereign Cloud solution is based on solutions from VMware - the market leader in virtualization. is also the first Polish provider to join the VMware Sovereign Cloud program as a provider of sovereign cloud services in Poland. first Polish partner of VMware Sovereign Cloud

VMware Sovereign Cloud is a global program from VMware that aims to create an ecosystem of trusted local cloud service partners that guarantee customers complete security and the sovereignty and integrity of data processing within the solutions they create and support. Participating providers undergo a thorough vetting process and must meet certain conditions: among other things, offer services through at least two data centers operating within the same jurisdiction, have an information security management system validated by an independent, industry-recognized certification, and comply with the environmental policy and the technical and operational aspects of the infrastructure deployment, configuration, management and monitoring. Read more about the program at: VMware Sovereign Cloud | Data Sovereignty. is the first in Poland and the 9th vendor in Europe to join the VMware Sovereign Cloud program. has successfully verified the solution and joined the program in 2023.

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VMware sovereign cloud

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