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Our commitment to care for the environment and specifically to rely on renewable energy sources and electricity Digital transformation is currently the main reason for the increased demand for computing power, storage space and IT equipment; consequently, energy demand is also growing. According to the data from the International Energy Agency (September 2022), data centers are currently estimated to produce 0.9-1.3% of global CO2 emissions due to increasing digitization. Estimates also indicate that this share will steadily increase.

In order to limit the negative consequences of digital development, the entire data center sector is expected to adopt a decarbonization stance and achieve climate neutrality.

At, a pro-environmental attitude has been part of our DNA for many years. Thanks to our initiatives and investments, today we are one of the most sustainable data center and cloud service providers in the country and the region. We take real actions that combine the highest quality data center security with the care for resources and the environment.

100% green energy Beyond Data center’s sustainable IT services’s Data Centers are the first facilities in Poland and the region to be powered by 100% renewable energy while being highly energy efficient. Partnering with means stepping onto the path of sustainable IT infrastructure maintenance by reducing the carbon footprint generated by corporate IT resources used to maintain platforms, applications, or systems.

100% green energy Beyond Data center

100% green energy

We were the first data center operator in the country to decide to power our facilities with energy exclusively from renewable sources.'s data centers are among the most sustainable facilities in Poland and the CEE region.

Using energy from 100% RES means that the resulting carbon footprint due to its use is 0.


PUE 1.2

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) at Data Center 2 (eng. PUE) index at full capacity utilization is 1.2. This is the most favorable PUE index in Poland and the region, while most European data centers achieve a PUE of 1.5-1.8. Achieving this result is possible thanks to the implemented high-efficiency cooling systems.

Low PUE means our facility consumes less energy than competing server rooms.

ikona oszczędność wody

WUE 0,55 l/kWh

center operations. According to Climate Neutral Data Center Pact, the WUEmax indicator for Poznan, where is located, should be 1.2 l/kWh.

At, thanks to modern technologies, we minimize water consumption, and increase water recovery and reuse without negatively impacting the environment. At Data Center 2, the WUE rate was 0.55 l/kWh in 2023.


ISO 14001

In 2022, officially confirmed the compliance of the company's environmental policies with ISO 14001. Our actions consistently minimize the negative impact of business on the environment and contribute to the sustainable development of the company.


Adiabatic Cooling

The adiabatic cooling system was implemented at back in 2016. It is based on chillers placed on the roof, which use the natural outside temperature and water poured over the chillers to lower the air temperature in the server chamber.

We optimize cooling efficiency and energy consumption by isolating cold and hot zones in the server chamber. This directly translates into greater energy efficiency in the data center.

odzyskiwanie ciepła

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery involves using warm air generated by IT equipment kept in server chambers. This heat is then transported via a heat pump to heat hot water or rooms.

Heat recovery is implemented in both of our data centers. The heat generated in Data Center 1 is used to heat commercial space in the Stary Browar, cultural and shopping center in Poznań. The heat generated in the server chambers in Data Center 2 heats the campus office building.


Systemic Pro-Environmental Solutions

The energy at is also saved by implementing systemic solutions. Examples:

  • DCMS (Data Center Management System) solution that monitors and controls devices and installations in the facility enabling savings in resources,
  • an intelligent lighting system serving the entire facility, reducing energy consumption,
  • a lamella separator that separates oils from rainwater flowing in the's stormwater drainage system before it is discharged into the main sewer.

szare liście eco

Green Initiatives

In addition to systemic solutions, we are implementing several internal projects to reduce our negative environmental impact. Examples:

  • bike parking on the campus,
  • free charging stations for electric cars for our partners, employees and customers,
  • electromobility policy - starting the process of replacing employee cars with hybrid and electric cars,
  • IT equipment recycling - 99% of electrical waste, used electronic equipment and IT equipment, including servers and disk arrays, is recycled by a specialized company.


Certified Building Materials

For the construction of the campus (office building and Data Center 2), we used materials with the necessary approvals and certificates and the B safety mark, confirming their safety and environmental friendliness.

International partnerships and programs to support sustainable operations in which we participate:


European Green Digital Coalition

An initiative of the EU Council, whose primary goal is to promote the idea of green governance in public and commercial spaces. is the only Polish data center industry representative and a founding member of EGDC. Signatories of the initiative pledge to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by 2030 and become climate neutral by 2040.

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Climate Neutral Data Center Pact

A bottom-up initiative of data center and cloud platform providers. The pact is intended to help reduce carbon footprint and support efforts to build green and climate-neutral IT infrastructure. is the only Polish ICT company to participate in the project actively and is a founding member of the initiative.

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VMware Zero Carbon Committed

A global program to reduce the environmental impact of increasing digitalization by lowering the carbon footprint of VMware partners. is the only VMware partner from Poland to join the program as meeting its requirements.

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17 Sustainable Development Goals

They were defined and adopted by UN member states in 2015. They center around five areas (people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership). is the only Polish data center and cloud services provider contributing to all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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European Data Center Association (EUDCA)

International non-profit organization representing the interests of the European community of commercial data center operators. It aims to promote and develop growth in the industry while striving to become carbon neutral by 2030. joined the organization in 2023 as the first Polish data center operator.

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We help customers reduce the negative impact of business on the environment

Collaboration with Sustainable Technology Partners

We work with technology partners who share our sustainability approach and implement innovative solutions to support business growth. Together, we care about the environment.

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