kolokacja sztuczna inteligencja

AI Colocation

Colocation for high-density environments - including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions.

What is an AI, ML, and HPC colocation service?

Colocation for AI, ML, and HCP platforms is a regular rental of a technical environment in a professional data center (data hall), which is technologically designed or adapted to host high-density physical IT infrastructure.

Beyond.pl is the first data center service provider in Central Europe to announce full readiness to securely and sustainably colocate IT infrastructure compliant with the technological requirements of high-density IT infrastructure. The AI colocation service is delivered from new data halls adapted for high-density IT infrastructure located in Beyond.pl’s Data Center 2.

Key differentiators


Data Center with a target capacity of 42 MW adapted to host high-density IT infrastructure ranging anywhere from 40-100 kW per rack.

New data halls

Colocation of AI, ML, HCP and other solutions requiring the use of high-density IT infrastructure is carried out in new, technologically-adapted Data Center 2 data halls.

ikona technologie

Liquid cooling

We are prepared to implement liquid cooling solutions defined by customers and also to internally design liquid cooling-based colocation environments, including direct-to-chip and immersion cooling technologies.

Energy efficiency

Our service offers very high energy efficiency (PUE) of 1.2. It positions Data Center 2 at the forefront of low-carbon facilities in Europe, significantly lowering the running operating costs – especially from energy - for customers.

100% renewable energy

Beyond.pl Data Center 2, where the AI colocation service is delivered, is powered by certified, 100% renewable energy, which significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the colocated IT infrastructure.


Data Center 2 is the only data center in the European Union with EN 50600 Class 4 norm and ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certification, confirming the highest security standards for data center facilities. Data Center is characterized by 100% uptime since its commissioning in 2016.

Multi-tier Data Center Campus

Based on our data center infrastructure, we can provide multi-tier colocation services according to customer demand from 42 MW campus.


Readiness to expansion

We are prepared for the rapid expansion of the Poznan campus in terms of space and energy based on a contractually guaranteed power connection. Any customer, not only from the AI sector, can safely plan the expansion of their IT infrastructure on our campus.

Who is it for?

The service is built to host IT infrastructure environments for artificial intelligence, machine learning, or high-compute projects. Our services can be used by companies commercializing services/products based on these technologies or by companies building solutions for internal use.




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