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Optimal connectivity thanks to location in the center of Poland and Europe.

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Carrier neutrality, low latency and a comprehensive portfolio of services are the priorities of our telecommunication offering. is home to several Tier 1 carriers, Poland’s largest independent Internet traffic exchange EPIX, and regional and local Internet providers. The core of’s connectivity is two interconnected private rings in Poznan and Warsaw based on dark fiber. They are designed to reach key points in both cities, including major business centers. Both’s rings are additionally connected to the Beyond East-West Corridor, a high-bandwidth transmission corridor connecting Frankfurt, Poznan, and Warsaw, which is also a gateway to European Internet traffic exchange nodes, including Europe’s largest IX, the DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main.

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We cooperate with Megaport, which POP is located at Data Center 2. We offer direct and secure connection to more than 360 cloud solutions and SaaS providers and 700+ data centers around the world. All with minimal latency via private SDN bypassing the public internet and via a simple to manage portal.

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Internet access

We offer a wide range of Internet access services because we have been a carrier-neutral service provider since our inception.
Many Tier 1 operators (including Arelion, Lumen Technologies, Liberty Global, Orange), national providers (e.g., Cogent, Exatel, T-Mobile), and local providers are available at’s data centers.
Data Center 2 houses one of the three nodes of EPIX – the largest non-commercial traffic exchange in Poland, which connects our data center to 200,000 companies and 3 million households in Poland. Our customers are guaranteed connectivity to major European traffic points with optimal data transfer time (latency), including DE-CIX, BCIX, BIX, VIX, or NIX.CZ.

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Data transmission

We provide connectivity services using various technologies between our data centers and customers’ premises in any location.
Our backbone network is based on a redundant fiber optic ring around Poznan and Warsaw, connected to the high-throughput East-West corridor connecting Frankfurt, Poznan and Warsaw.
Thanks to the solutions we have developed, has excellent conditions for providing cluster solutions, e.g., disaster recovery services in active-active and active-passive models.


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Cloud Connect

We offer a proven solution for transferring data between IT infrastructure colocated in data centers and platforms of major cloud and SaaS providers.
Megaport’s Cloud Connect service provides secure round-trip transfer with 360+ cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Oracle Cloud, Nutanix, Alibaba Cloud, and Salesforce.


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Network as a Service (NaaS)

A redundant and private network infrastructure service based on Megaport’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology. The solution provides secure connectivity between local resources or IT infrastructure colocated in our data centers with resources located in different cities, countries, or continents.
Under this model, the network infrastructure operates faster than a traditional VPN solution and is more cost-effective than a dedicated connection provided by multiple telecom operators.

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A service that protects Internet connections against DDoS attacks to ensure business continuity and uninterrupted end-user access to services. Regardless of the size of the attack, we protect all layers of the OSI model by leveraging solutions from our partners.


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Connectivity within the Data Centers

Offer for colocation customers in Data Centers. We deliver comprehensive, structured cabling services (cross-connect, cabinet cabling, etc.) implemented according to individual customer needs and in compliance with ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certification and EN 50600 Class 4 standard requirements. All data centers are equipped with Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR).


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Why choose connectivity services at

Freedom to choose the carrier 

We are the first carrier-neutral data center provider in Poland. When you use colocation or cloud services at, you get direct access to more than 25 telecom operators present on-site and more than 500 through’s PoP in Frankfurt.

Data Center 2 is home to one of the three nodes of EPIX – Poland’s largest non-commercial traffic exchange, providing access to 200,000 companies and 3 million households in Poland. We also offer connectivity to many other European IXs (Internet Exchange Points), such as DE-CIX, BCIX,, NIX.CZ, VIX, or BIX.

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Business continuity guarantee

And it’s not just in terms of power and cooling that we take care of infrastructure redundancy to ensure the highest levels of security. At least two independent telecommunication routes lead to each of our data centers. Both data centers are connected by a private fiber-optic ring, and our east-west corridor connecting Frankfurt, Poznan and Warsaw is redundant.

In addition, thanks to telecom neutrality, it is possible to quickly set up Internet access or data transmission from two independent providers.

Low data latency

The geographical location of data centers in the heart of Europe ensures that our clients and end users have fast access to data and content. We guarantee fast data transfer to major European hubs – round-trip latency to Prague is only 7ms, Frankfurt 11ms, Amsterdam 16ms, and London 24ms.

Comprehensive service package

In addition to basic services such as Internet access and data transfer, our customers also have access to advanced network services.Megaport Cloud Connect, or Megaport Network as a Service, provides secure and fast international connectivity not only at the equipment colocation level, but also at the cloud infrastructure level.

Expert support has a dedicated team of experienced, certified engineers specializing in network services. We help clients prepare, deploy and maintain connectivity solutions tailored to individual business needs.

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