Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Cloud

Explore the advantages of a connected private cloud with public Azure services. The Microsoft Azure Stack HCI cloud hosted in Data Center 2 with the highest security standard Rated 4.

Azure Stack HCI is a hybrid cloud service launched in 2020 by Microsoft and delivered as part of the Azure platform services. Based on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Microsoft provides a private cloud solution natively connected to the Azure public cloud. This allows you to run many Azure services in the local environment (virtual machines, containers, databases, monitoring systems, automation, Azure platform security, VDI, backup, DRC, Machine Learning).

Azure Stack HCI cloud from is billed at a fixed monthly fee. Meanwhile, Azure services running in the Azure Stack HCI environment are billed in a standard “by usage” model as part of the Microsoft Azure subscription provided by is the first Microsoft partner in Poland to offer Azure Stack HCI from a Data Center located in Poland, and the first representative in the CEE region who have been accepted into the “Azure Stack Authorized Partner” program.

In addition, we provide services to integrate Azure Stack HCI with your current IT environment, both public and private cloud solutions, as well as infrastructure maintained in the off-premise or on-premise model.

Azure Stack HCI is a locally hosted cloud. Customers get an optimally efficient cloud environment with the lowest possible latency. Besides, Stack HCI meets the key requirements for data privacy and location of data processing under Polish regulations.

Individual Azure Stack HCI clusters located in different geographical locations are combined into one geographically distributed cluster, centrally managed from the Azure Portal. This approach ensures the highest possible level of security thanks to data synchronization between various data centers.

Who is Azure Stack HCI hybrid cloud for?

The launch of Azure Stack HCI is Microsoft’s answer to the needs of companies that want to use Azure cloud services on a dedicated infrastructure. This approach guarantees customers faster service availability, greater security through a dedicated infrastructure, and compliance with local regulations. Companies in finance, healthcare, public institutions, and any enterprise requiring greater control over their environment can currently benefit from the potential and capabilities of Azure through the Stack HCI hybrid cloud.

Azure Stack HCI is a new alternative for companies looking for infrastructure for business-critical systems. The service can be deployed either by a company using Azure public cloud solutions or by enterprises just planning to leverage the potential of cloud solutions.

Advantages of Azure Stack HCI at


Azure Stack HCI cloud is maintained in a data center facility with the highest security standards. It is the only data center in Central Europe with Rated 4 ANSI/TIA-942 certification.

Azure Stack Authorized

PartnerThanks to "Azure Stack Authorized Partner" status, customers Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Cloud implementation will be carried out according to best practices, state-of-the-art technology, and in compliance with all Microsoft requirements.

Wysoka jakość infrastruktury IT

No investment in infrastructure required

Azure Stack HCI and related Azure services are offered as a service for a monthly fee. Customers don’t have to commit financial resources to IT hardware.

Infrastruktura |

Quick start

Ready-to-use cloud environment launched to meet customer needs in the data center.

Business continuity

HA (high availability) architecture integrates with Azure Backup, DRC, and Azure Site Recovery services. Azure Stack HCI clusters natively create an environment that performs disaster recovery center (DRC) functions.

Compliance with local regulations

A multi-cloud solution that meets the requirements of regulated industries.


Native access to Azure services

Direct access to a suite of Microsoft Azure services, the number of which is steadily growing (more PaaS services made available following the official Microsoft roadmap).

Data flow management

Complete control over data access and processing location.

Integrated infrastructure management

The ability to manage a multi-cloud environment through Azure Portal and the Azure Arc service.

Efficient infrastructure

Cloud maintained on Microsoft certified high-performance Dell hardware. Scalable up to 16-host infrastructure.

Local support |

Technical customer support

The first line of support handled by specialists available 24/7/365, and the second line of Azure Support from Microsoft.

Stable connectivity services

Low data transfer times and telecommunications redundancy ensure uninterrupted and fast access to Azure Stack HCI.

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