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Cloud computing are solutions designed to provide quick and easy access to resources such as computing power, disk space, platforms or applications without needing IT infrastructure.

More and more organizations are diversifying how they maintain their infrastructure, moving away from maintaining their IT environment in a homogeneous model. The classic approach i.e. the on-premise model, is increasingly being expanded to include off-premise (colocation) and the cloud computing. Managing increasingly complex IT architecture and resources is becoming a challenge for companies. Specific systems, business requirements, workloads, and security issues require managing a diverse environment and ensuring adequate efficiency at optimal cost.

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Cloud services are very complex solutions. Dedicated competence is required, and at the same time, many solutions and technologies are available on the market. Hence, companies that decide to move some or all of their resources to the cloud use the services of specialized partners (IT outsourcing)., as a technology partner, is not a cloud service provider specializing only in one technology.

Our offer combines cloud services to serve customers’ needs optimally, considering industry preferences, financial capabilities, and the potential for developing IT resources.

Our infrastructure in the form of the region’s most secure data centers and the technical competence of our cloud teams allow us to build dedicated IT environments, including the cloud. What’s more, with our data centers characterized by high-security standards and a sustainable operating model, we offer the construction and maintenance of hybrid environments combining on-premise with off-premise and cloud solutions that minimize the carbon footprint generated by customers’ IT resources.

Cloud for business at

At, we combine multi-technology competencies to advise, implement and support clients in maintaining increasingly complex and diverse IT environments. At the core of our cloud offering are 3 services:



A cloud solution (IaaS) built by experts on open-source technology has been on the market for over 10 years, maintained in's secure data centers. The service is designed for small and medium-sized companies as a cost-optimized alternative to in-house servers.

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VMware cloud

Private and public cloud services based on the most popular hypervisor in the business. We manage VMware clouds located at the client`s site, in third-party locations, as well as our own data centers. We are also ready to build and maintain your company virtual environments in Data Centers, which meet the highest security standards in Poland and Europe. We are a Premier Partner in Broadcom Advantage Partner Program.

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VMware cloud |

Microsoft cloud

One of the most popular global cloud computing platforms. It offers an ecosystem of business solutions, from well-known applications and platforms in a service model to modern enterprise-class solutions. offers Microsoft Azure services, Azure Stack HCI and Microsoft 365 suite.

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Comparison of cloud solutions available at

Choosing a cloud solution depends on many factors, including your business model and the technology you use in your company. Feel free to contact us to discuss your expectations and business needs for building or developing a cloud environment.

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e24cloud VMware Microsoft
Service model IaaS

vCPU, vRAM, Storage
(4 levels)


vCPU, vRAM, Storage
(4 levels)

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

More than 6.000 products

Architecture variations
  • private
  • public
  • hybrid
  • private
  • public
  • hybrid
  • private
  • public
  • hybrid (Azure Stack HCI)
  • multi-cloud (alongside with different public clouds)
  • Modern Workplace (Microsoft 365)
  • Data Center 1
  • Data Center 2
  • locally (client site)
  • site of 3rd provider
  • Data Center 1
  • Data Center 2
60+ regions available in 140 countries
Managed VM/OS
available available available
Billing model
  • subscription (contract)
  • prepaid
  • subscription (contract)
  • pay-As-You-Go
  • pay-As-You-Go
  • reservations
  • license plans
Overruns 125% 125% 100%
(none in Azure Stack HCI)
Costs $ $$ $$ – $$$ competencies
  • proprietary solution
  • dedicated e24cloud team
  • VMware Cloud Verified
  • Premier Partner in Broadcom Advantage Partner
  • dedicated Cloud & Virtualization Team
  • Cloud Solution Provider
  • Azure Stack Authorized Partner
  • Microsoft certified trainers
  • dedicated Microsoft Cloud team

Why choose cloud services from

Many technologies, one partner

We combine global cloud expertise (Microsoft), the most widely used private cloud solutions (VMware), and our local cloud (e24cloud), which has been used continuously by many clients for over 10 years. All these solutions are available in both private and public variants. When you work with, you choose a cloud solution tailored to your current and future needs.

Ability to run a hybrid model

For many years, we have provided clients with hybrid infrastructure services, a model combining cloud colocation in's secure data centers with the client's IT infrastructure maintained locally (on-premise). We advise, design and maintain IT resources in hybrid scenarios.

Comprehensive connectivity

We have a rich portfolio of telecommunications services. We connect clients' clouds to their physical infrastructure in their locations. As part of our global connectivity services, we enable you to join the cloud maintained in data centers with more than 360 cloud and SaaS solutions (including Google Cloud, AWS, and Salesforce) and 760 data centers worldwide.

Local support |

IT management and administration support 24/7/365

We have a team of experienced and certified engineers to support customers in IT management - from infrastructure, network, and virtualization layers to operating systems. Help Desk services are provided in a 24/7/365 model.

Access to complementary services

In addition to a wide range of services related to IT infrastructure in the cloud or colocation, we offer professional services such as backup (including BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) or PaaS and SaaS services based on Microsoft solutions.

Certified Cloud Partner's competence in cloud services is also confirmed by our partner statuses. For more than 10 years, we have specialized in running and maintaining VMware environments for our customers. We hold VMware Cloud Verified and Enterprise Cloud Provider status. We provide Microsoft cloud services as a Cloud Solution Provider. At the same time, we are the first Polish Microsoft partner to launch the Azure Stack HCI (Azure Stack Authorized Partner) hybrid cloud - a solution that gives you full control over access to data and the location of its processing, as well as billing the Microsoft services you run according to actual consumption.

Consulting in the design of cloud architecture

Given our broad spectrum of cloud competencies, data center service offerings, and experience building dedicated hybrid environments, we actively support clients in designing the IT architecture maintained in our data centers and recommend operating scenarios.

Optimizing IT environment management

Working with a cross-technology partner to manage complex IT environments saves organizations both budgets and time.

Multidimensional security Data Center 2 is the only data center in the EU that meets the stringent requirements of ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certification and EN 50600 Class 4 standards. Both standards confirm the highest level of security for a professional server room.

ograniczenie śladu węglowego

Sustainable IT services

We are a provider of sustainable data center and cloud services. As of 2020, we power our data centers with 100% renewable energy, consume less energy than competitive facilities through high energy efficiency, implement heat recovery projects, and our environmental policy is ISO 14001 compliant. When you use cloud services from, you significantly reduce the carbon footprint generated by your corporate IT infrastructure.

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