is the only Polish founding member of the European Green Digital Coalition

European Union speeds up green transformation. is the only Polish founding member of the European Green Digital Coalition.

The European Union is acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve climate neutrality of the Old Continent. On 19 March 2021, during Digital Day 2021, a conference organized by the European Commission, three initiatives supporting sustainable development in Europe were launched. One of them is the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC). The only company representing the Polish private sector is, data center and cloud services provider and the operator of the most secure and energy efficient data center in Central Europe.

The European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC),whose main goal is to promote the idea of green and digital transformation  in the public and commercial sector, is an initiative of the EU Council. EGDC founding members representing ICT companies commit to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by 2030, and to become climate neutral by 2040.  For the signatories of the declaration, this means minimizing the negative impact of the effect of digital transformation of the EU on the environment and working closely with the European Commission to develop recommendations for the implementation of green digital solutions and standardized and comparable methods for assessing their environmental impact. The jointly developed principles will be used amongst others to support the distribution of EU funds to predominantly support projects and initiatives with the lowest carbon footprint. The declaration formalizing the coalition under the auspices of the EU was signed by 26 companies, including Microsoft, SAP SE, IBM, Schneider Electric and Accenture. will support in the development of the standards, a data center and cloud services provider, is the only Polish founding member of the Coalition.  As Wojciech Stramski, CEO of notes, progressive digitalization, transformation of businesses, education, health or entertainment amongst others, will significantly increase demand for new generation data centers that ensure the lowest possible energy consumption for IT infrastructure maintenance.

– A green data center with a PUE of 1.2 is more environmentally friendly than one with an energy efficiency rating of 1.4-1.6 and above. Compared to other facilities of this type, we consume much less green electricity, which can ultimately be made available for consumption on other fields. Renewable energy is still limited. We can see based on our own example that powering the data center exclusively from renewable energy sources and using innovative technologies such as adiabatic cooling systems significantly improves energy efficiency of our facility. By joining the Coalition we want to further strengthen our positive contribution to the green transformation of the EU and share our knowledge relating to the application of sustainable solutions with other organizations. Our real life experience in using green solutions  can help create solutions which will allow us to reach our joint societal strategic goal, which is climate neutrality of Europe – explains Wojciech Stramski, CEO

Green EU initiatives

Participation of in the European coalition is a result of’s earlier decision to sign the Data Center Climate Neutrality Pact. Both the Pact and the EGDC aim to create new standards for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and bring Europe closer to achieving climate neutrality. The European Union is to regularly review the effects of the initiative and the Climate Neutrality Pact. The first results are to be presented in 2022. Other organizations may join the Coalition on a voluntary basis.

The EGDC initiative was announced simultaneously with the publication of “The Green and Digital EU Transformation” declaration by the European Commission and 26 member states, including Poland. The EU member states have also declared a commitment to conduct activities that support the reduction of greenhouse gas production. The European Union intends to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieve full climate neutrality by 2050.

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