Aziz Benmalek, Vice President at Microsoft, visited Data Center

This was the first visit in Poland for Aziz Benmalek, Vice President of the Worldwide Hosting Service Providers at Microsoft. One of the points on his agenda was to see Beyond Data Center 2, the first Rating 4 (ANSI/TIA-942) Data Center in the region, and talk about extending the cooperation between the two companies.

Aziz Benmalek has arrived in Poland for a one-day visit, during which met with Michał Grzybkowski, CEO at summarized the current cooperation and talked about extending it further in the area of managed services provided by the Data Center 2. Other discussed areas of cooperation were Hyper-V, Office365, SharePoint, Exchange On-line, SQL Server in, and Microsoft Azure services (Hybrid Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Backup). Both parties recognized many benefits and advantages in offering joint solutions.

The meeting wouldn’t have been complete without the tour around the Data Center 2. Aziz Benmalek could see the two types of server compartments, one using traditional cooling system (process water based), and one using adiabatic techniques (used by the most advanced data centers in the world), which has a power use effectiveness, or PUE, ratio of 1.1. The tour covered Diesel Rotary UPS generators that guarantee power supply to the facility (any component failure would not cause data center failure), and the control room, where the Administrators monitor the infrastructure. Apart from the technological part, our guest visited the logistics area, including the workshop, the warehouse and the loading bay, which our customers can rent as a backup space for their own purposes.

See Aziz Benmalek’s BIO