took part in the InfraXstructure conference

We were a partner of the technical InfraXstructure conference which took place on 20 April in Warsaw. The event was targeted at professionals managing data center infrastructure, colocation, IT architecture and cloud computing.

“The target audience at the conference was extremely attractive to us because the present specialists deal with all the areas that we have in our services. Therefore they were excellent partners to exchange experiences,” sums up Tomasz Sobol, Marketing Director at

Maciej Madziala, IT Solutions Architect delivered a presentation focused on the use of cloud by Neptis SA – the owner of a well-known drivers’ app (check video case study).

At our exhibitionstand we presented the Data Center 2 mock-up and the technological solutions. Participants also won Walter Isaacson’s book “Innovators” from the limited edition under the patronage of and VIP tours to Data Center 2.