Dell EMC has become a technology partner of expands its range of IT equipment suppliers. Dell EMC delivers to the Data Center 2 PowerEdge servers and Unity disk arrays.

“The choice of this subcontractor was determined not only by standard parameters such as a quality of product but also the speed of deliveries,” comments Bartłomiej Danek, vice president of “After building the Data Center 2, the company is developing very dynamically, so we needed another flexible partner who can deliver the servers fast enough so we could build IT solutions for our clients according to their expectations and deadlines.”

“We are pleased to have in the group of our partners the leading Polish data center services provider,” says Marcin Morawski Conutry Marketing Manager at Dell EMC.

“As with telecommunications, we would like to maintain a neutrality in the selection of IT equipment. Our client can decide on which servers to store the data,” says Bartłomiej Danek. Technology partners of are also Lenovo, Intel, Veeam or VMware.