Internet of Things in Poland “is happening now”

Internet of Things is worth PLN 1.5 bn in Poland. Quoting the interview Łukasz Polak gave to INNPoland: “This is not the question of next 25 years. It is happening now.”

Anytime, anywhere, anything – these are the core rules of IoT (Internet of Things). We don’t even realise we are part of that system. When you stop at an intersection, the camera mounted next to traffic lights is often connected to a system, which reacts to the increasing number of cars…

Dynamic developments in the Internet of Things technologies prompted INNPoland to ask Łukasz Polak, VP at, to comment on this phenomenon:

[…] “Intelligent houses, cars and billions of online digital devices connected to them create enormous possibilities and revolutionise the way customers perceive many business sectors. We’re not going to wait another quarter of a century for Internet of Things to become common. This is the question of 3-5 years” claims Łukasz Polak, VP at, in his interview with INNPoland […]

Read full interview with Łukasz Polak for INNPoland