stellt ein Rettungspaket für öffentliche Einrichtungen in Polen und privatwirtschaftlich tätige europäische Unternehmen vor introduces a rescue package for Polish public institutions and commercial European companies introduces a rescue package for Polish public institutions and commercial European companies, one of the leaders on the Polish data center and cloud computing market, launches a package of products and services to help companies and public institutions get through the pandemic, and come out strong the other side.

The ongoing pandemic, the prospect of a lockdown, and a continuing slowdown in the economy expected over the next few months is causing increasing anxiety among all levels of society.

At, we feel that we cannot limit ourselves to being a passive observer of the situation. We have a real opportunity to help public institutions and companies not just survive this difficult time, but to better equip themselves to come out the other side. Under strong pressure to optimize and rationalize costs, they must cut back on spending and hold back investments. Technology has become the foundation of education, remote working, or sales, and an efficient IT infrastructure is its driving force. IT support during the pandemic cannot be abandoned. On the contrary, effective use of IT resources will help mitigate the negative economic and social effects of the pandemic, points out Wojciech Stramski, CEO of Beyond.plIn this situation, we have decided to introduce a package of services that lower the barriers of access to technology while allowing participants to free up the capital that is necessary to survive the pandemic, adds Wojciech Stramski.

Unique reverse colocation package from

One of the principles of’s support package is “reverse colocation.” As part of the cooperation, will consider the repurchase of used IT equipment, e.g., storage equipment and servers. This process will free up cash tied up in the equipment and enable for its reallocation into investments or ongoing operations. For the equipment to be bought back, the company will need to sign up to’s colocation services for at least three years. Furthermore, should the company sign up to’s colocation services for a period of 3 years or more, may also provide services for the first months for as low as 1 PLN/month, thus helping companies manage cash flows in this period.

Additionally, companies that enter into a contractual relationship with with regards to the standard colocation service for a period of more than 3-5 years may be eligible to receive a service package for the first 3 to 6 months for as low as 1PLN/month, respectively.

Cloud at your fingertips – ramping for on-line demand has also introduced an offer with reduced prices of its cloud services: the public proprietary e24cloud solution and the public and private cloud solutions based on VMware. In the first six months of the service, eligible companies will be able to take advantage of a discount of up to 50% for a minimum 3-year contract. As part of the package, also introduced migration and support services for cloud projects for as little as PLN 1/month for the first 6 months for contracts that have a minimum period of 3 years.

The company has also prepared additional support relating to Microsoft’s global cloud solutions. This additional support package is available to companies that have not yet received Microsoft’s support related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies using a paid Microsoft 365 subscription can receive Microsoft Teams Exploratory software for free for the first 12 months. The package contains full versions of online services, including Exchange Online (Plan 1), Microsoft Search, Microsoft Planner, Office Online, SharePoint Online, etc.

Should a customer purchase Microsoft 365 including MS Teams, will provide a free 12-month subscription of Audio Conferencing extension, enabling the organization of teleconferences with telephone calls, which is especially important in this period of intense remote work.

Free services for select public institutions goes one step further in its aid package for select public institutions specifically in the areas of education, health care and local government. For these institutions can provide colocation services for just PLN 1/month for a period of up to six months.

Until the end of May 2021, we will have an active offer which will allow us to provide colocation services to select public institutions that request it, for just 1 polish zloty. Later, they can decide whether they want to use the service on a commercial basis or not at all, explains Wojciech Stramski.

Public institutions that decide to take advantage of’s offer will need to cover only the costs of launching the service (connectivity, licenses, and the cost of transporting the equipment to the operator’s data center) and electricity charges that their infrastructure will consume. The host Data Center in Poznan is one of the most secure and most energy-efficient facilities in Poland.

By providing colocation space in our data center free of charge, we cover more than 50% of the total colocation costs. This will allow institutions to allocate resources saved to fight the pandemic. In practice, these savings may turn out to be even greater because by storing equipment on-premise, companies rarely take the time to fully understand the total cost of IT infrastructure ownership. Frequently costs of using office and technical space, staff, etc. are not included in these calculations. Also, energy costs are much higher in the on-premise model, as Data Center 2 is one of the most energy-efficient facilities in Poland, adds Wojciech Stramski.

The Public Administration will also be able to utilize’s proprietary e24 public cloud services, which may be made available for 1 zloty for a period of up to six months. This cloud platform could be utilized to provide better services to Polish citizens by the Public Authorities. Costs will only apply in relation to the administration of the cloud platform and required Microsoft licenses.

Join the project 

The project is open. invites other companies from the IT sector, to join the project with their services and products provided on preferential terms and play an active role to support the economy and the public sector during the fight against the pandemic.

The support package is available to commercial companies from the European Union and Polish public institutions. To qualify for support from, companies will have to go through`s own internal verification, including such things as credit checks. If you are interested in the details of the service, please contact us at