Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015

Leading global environmental management system standard

ISO 14001 is a leading global environmental management system standard. It supports environmental protection and prevents the negative effects of business operations on the environment while taking sustainability into account. It defines a systematic approach to managing potential environmental risks and the commitment to the continual improvement of management systems.


The compliance of the services of Beyond.pl with the ISO 14001 standard confirms that we have implemented and use best environmental practices aiming for the maximum reduction of the negative impact of our organization on the environment, and that Beyond.pl has an advanced, regularly updated environmental management system in place.

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Beyond.pl ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2015 Standard

How does the ISO 14001 certificate benefit the businesses and organizations that employ the services of Beyond.pl?

The ISO 14001 standard confirms our commitment to the maximum reduction of the negative impact of our organization on the environment and the continual improvement of environmental aspects. By employing the services of Beyond.pl, a verified supplier, you can reduce the carbon footprint generated by your IT infrastructure, lessen the negative impact of your business on the environment, and build a sustainable supply chain.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification Area

The areas of the ISO 14001 standard used to evaluate the Beyond.pl data centers included: 

  1. environmental policy,
  2. identification and evaluation of environmental issues,
  3. environmental goals, projects and programs,
  4. management of important environmental aspects,
  5. waste management procedure,
  6. energy management procedure,
  7. water and sewage management procedure,
  8. environmental parameter monitoring and measurement procedure,
  9. environmental emergency plans (e.g. glycol or diesel fuel leaks, leaking freon installations, fires, etc.).

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